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Feb 27, 2007 06:25 AM

Cast iron grill pan tricks

I've been using my Lodge cast iron grill/griddle for about 6 months - the griddle side works fine (ok, when I cook bacon, the smoke alarm goes off) but when it comes to grilling chicken it's sticks something awful. Any hints?

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  1. Are you preheating it for a suitably long time? Cast iron is a BIG heat reservoir, you want to fill it up all the way. Also, you need to oil your chicken if you are one of those strange people who grills boneless breasts or that sort of nonsense -- otherwise flop the thighs on the pan skin side down and your sticking problems should go away, assuming you preheat the pan enough

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    1. re: ttriche

      I have on occasion used the boneless breasts.... but for the most part I'm a thigh gal.
      Screaming hot - is how I usually get the pan and can't image how the skin would stick so bad even though I've even oiled the thighs! Maybe after about a year's worth of use....

      1. re: Spoonula

        you may need to reseason the pan...

    2. I have sometimes had sticking problems due to my grill pan actually being TOO hot. You may want to try reducing the heat some. The iron also builds up and retains heat so well that you don't need to turn the burner up as high as you might with other cookware.