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NYC Ribs?

Need a restaurant with killer ribs and preferably some "eye candy" for a client meeting. Any ideas? The only place that really popped into my mind was Blue Smoke but I'm sure their are some better options out there. Thanks.

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  1. Blue Smoke is great, Dinosaur BBQ is funkier, some like Daisy's BBQ better. It's a religious war, but you won't strike out with Blue Smoke.

    1. Houstons has outstanding ribs. Fall off the bone style, and great eye candy as well.

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        Houstons is bad for client meetings since they don't take reservations and it's too loud to talk.

        I've been to them all. Best client BBQ place is Blue Smoke unless they'll forego the eye candy and get down and dirty and go to R.U.B., the best TASTING ribs in NYC.

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          There will be eye candy at Houstons but falling off the bone is a sign of overdone ribs. Blue Smoke is the best compromise, but RUB has better ribs, imo.

        2. Blue Smoke
          Dinosaur BBQ

          1. not sure about the "eye candy" but big vote for dinosaur here. although seeing all those beers on tap is "eye candy" to me!

            1. I'll say it once, I'll say it again. Virgils is by far in my opinion the best BBQ in NYC, their ribs, much like everything else on the menu is great. As for the 'eye candy' not so sure about that, but much like harrison said about dinosaur, the beer selection is quite pretty It's not too pricey, and while it's near Times Square it's really not a tourist trap..

              1. Spanky's on W. 43rd had surprisingly good ribs and huge portions. The smoker is right up front where you can watch the meats doing their thing. Redneck decor and fresh Heartland brews on tap.

                1. in my opinion BONE LICK PARK offers the smokiest, beefiest ribs in town. Greenwich Ave & Bank St. Just south of St. Vincent's Hosp in the West Village.

                  1. I'd choose Blue Smoke (like I always do..), they take reservations, and the seating toward back of restaurant is spacious and beautiful with natural lighting during day time.

                    1. Houston's ribs are incredible and can be eaten with a knife and fork (hence the name knife and fork ribs) which will keep your hands clean at your client meeting. FYI-Houston's on 27th and Park does take reservations.

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                        I concur with the Houston's rec as I think it's the best ribs in town. If the park ave location does take reservations. I'd say go for it as there will be plenty of eye candy there as well as it is a hip and bustling locale. Probably the only chain resto that I proudly patronize. It does serve good food and that's the only thing that counts for me. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

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                          Wow...I strongly disagree with the claim that Houstons has the best ribs in town. IMO, they're not bad, but hardly the best. For example, I'm pretty sure they parboil, which isn't true bbq.

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                            poster was asking for killer ribs. didn't say it had to be authentic bbq ribs...
                            for was the OP is asking, i think houston will fit the bill.

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                              I don't disagree with the rec, just that they're the best ribs in town.

                      2. There's a smokehouse on 34th and 1st...can't think of the name of it...has anyone tried there? I would say Dinosaur BBQ for ribs, but not for client dinner. Houstons ribs are not bad for a chain surprisingly. Duke's has good ribs but it's more a sports bar crowd (only the waitresses are eye candy). Same for Brother Jimmy's and Dallas BBQ. Blue Smoke is ok...sometimes a bit overhyped. I would say for decent ribs and eye candy, Houston's is the way to go. Park Ave and 27 over the one on 3rd and 51st.

                        1. Client meeting says an atmosphere that is a little nicer, allows talking and where the level of service is a bit more finessed - then your only choice is Blue Smoke. ( I vote Daisy May the best quality ribs in NYC but then the option is take out or a room that recalls a bad bus station cafeteria.)

                          1. I say RUB for smoked meat, but go to Blue Smoke if you want smoked women. Um.

                            Blue Smoke.