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where can i find the best GUINNESS pour in Bos?

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the freshest pour done with the most skill and cleanest tap lines. that would take you almost all the way to Dublin.

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  1. Depends on the night, the crowds, and the bartender, but I generally tend to find the best pours at these places:

    James's Gate, JP
    Kitty O'Shea's, downtown
    The Druid, Cambridge
    The Field, Cambridge
    Hugh O'Neill's, Malden

    I've had some GREAT pints of Guinness at Spirit in Cambridge, but sometimes when it's packed and they are harried, I find the pours to be a bit rushed.

    1. Paul Barry at Grafton Street in Cambridge pours a great pint.

      I also love the Guinness at Flann O'Brien's in Mission Hill.

      1. I enjoy the pour at Amrein's in South Boston too

        1. Actually, now that I think of it, some of the best pours I've had have been at the Blackthorn Pub in Southie, but it's not exactly a place for the faint of heart...

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            I second the Druid and the Field. The Druid also has terrific Irish food (excellent rich shepherd's pie) and atmosphere. I like the fact that they have malt vinegar on the tables. Shay's in Harvard square is another decent option.

          2. As any Guinness aficionado knows, the black stuff does not travel well long distances from the Gate in Dublin. I get kind of skeptical when local pubs in Boston claim to have the best pour. And yes, the barman that is dispensing it makes a world of difference, as well as how often their lines get cleaned and how much they pour on a daily basis. That being said, IMHO, Mr. Dooley's Boston Tavern on Broad Street consistently pours a nice full bodied, creamy pint of Guinness. They have been doing this for years and it will bring tears to the eyes of expatriated Irish for days to come. Slainte!

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              Cheers! Dooley's and the Druid are always first stops on my Guinness trail- Dooleys' at Christmastime is a magical way to get into the holiday spirit(s).

            2. I like The Field as well. However as any Irishman will tell you, nothing here compares to the Guiness which is brewed in Ireland.

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                Agreed. We once spent an afternoon in Dublin drinking Guinness on the top floor of the brewery, and it was pure heaven.

                Gary is right about it not traveling well; that's one reason why I make my own! ;-b Next batch will be ready tonight, in fact.

                One other place that generally pours a good pint is O'Leary's in Brookline, mainly because it is typically a quiet place and they usually have plenty of time to do the correct two-part pour.

              2. McGoo at The Green Briar in Brighton Center pours a great Guiness.

                1. The Burren in Davis Square.

                  1. MJ O'Connors does a surprisingly good pint of plain.

                    Deep Ellum in Allston, doesn't have Guinness, but they have this amazing Coffee Porter on draft from Berkshire Brewing Company. Tis a bit sweet and a little hint of Coffee, but very, very drinkable.

                    1. While the increased availability of Guinness has resulted in a lot of places which serve a pint of low quality, the number of good options have increased significantly in recent years and the efforts of the Guinness team has improved the pint at a number of locations (particularly some of the tourist places). Note that Inbrew/Guinness does hold events around town which are combined with a lecture so try to get invited to those.

                      A special mention to Tir na Nog which is closing today (one last chance, although I bet it will be mobbed) in Union Sq.

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                        Tir na Nog's death has been extended until the end of March.

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                          Bob, where did you hear this? Their site still has today (or yesterday?) as the last day.

                          1. re: hiddenboston

                            I read it in the Globe or Herald either yesterday or the day before. Said they'd gotten an extention until the end of March.

                            Perhaps a phone call is in order to verify?

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                              Monday's Herald said that yesterday was it for Tir Na Nog, so maybe it was a last-minute thing? Hmmm, maybe someone should call. I'd do it, but I'm really busy this afternoon (almost too busy to be on this site!).

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                                  No answer, but on their website, they have Paddy Saul performing on Saturday night.

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                                    Just checked out the "Friend of Tir na Nog" MySpace page, and it appears that it is INDEED staying open for another month. (Posters are overjoyed about another St. Patrick's Day there.)

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                                      Excellent! I'll post this news on my blog tonight, too, since a lot of people have been asking me about the status of the place. Thanks for checking!

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                                        We really should have a hound outing there before it really does close. Burgers all around?

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                                          Not a bad idea at all. Burgers, orange whips, pints of stout, it's all good. I'm hoping that this won't be their swan song, though--it does seem like they are looking hard for a new home.

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                                            Just to confirm, I got an email from a writer at the Herald a few minutes ago. He said that they will indeed remain open for another month, with the end date being somewhere around March 28.

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                                          Definitely stay tuned to that page for latest news. My prediction .... they will continue to operate on a month to month (death by a thousand cuts) basis until the landlord finds new tenants. Don't know how long Feargal and Robert would be able to watch it fade away, though. It's a mad house on St. Paddy's Day -- I sure wouldn't enjoy it that night, but that's just me.

                          2. Matt Murphys in B'line Village

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                              I'm pretty sure the only stout at Matt Murphy's is Murphy's Irish Stout.

                              I vote always goes for the Irish Village in Brighton.

                              The thing that ticks me off the most is when you get a an imported pub draft, i.e. Guinness, Boddingtons, Belhaven in an American shaped straight pint glass and not the tulip shaped ones. It's borderline criminal!

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                                Matt Murphy's no longer offers Guinness.

                              2. I'm not a big Guiness drinker, but what about the Plough & Stars in Cambridge?

                                1. Guiness has to be poured a special way or you just end up with a bunch of bubbles because of the way it's brewed.

                                  1. The Tir na Nog has the finest pint in my opinion. May its taps resurface somewhere else soon.

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                                    1. re: Bob Dobalina

                                      I hear that they will, possibly in the same neighborhood. Fingers are crossed!