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I read somewhere that Zuni hired a new chef and some revamping was going on. Is it as good as it used to be? Would you go there if you were in the city for a five night stay? Or would you skip it for other places?

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  1. Thank you for asking this question for me (tho I didn't know about a new chef). I'll be in SF for 5 nites starting 3/22 and feel I should eat at this institution. But am I blind or is there no web site for Zuni?

    1. 1. I always recommend going to Zuni.
      2. It is as good as ever.
      3. No website, but they're on opentable -

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          But I'm curious about a menu with prices. Can you tell me what the ranges for apps and entrees are? Are choices fairly limited (I read that somewhere)? Who doesn't have a web site in this day and age?

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            Here's a sample menu with prices:


            They're full every day based on word of mouth and repeat business. The opentable page provides hours, basic info, and online reservations. Why waste time and money on a Web site?

        2. Joanie - here's a link to menupages, which has a Zuni menu. And I won't even attempt to answer the question on why they - or any restaurant - wouldn't have a website.


          1. Judy Rodgers is still the chef. Her former co-owner Vince Calcagno sold his share to Gilbert Pilgram, formerly of Chez Panisse. Don't expect any major changes.


            It's as good as it used to be. If I moved away and was here for a visit, it would be on my short list of places to eat, along with:

            Chez Panisse
            Thai House Express

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              Robert, thank you for your help. Oliveto & Pizzaiolo are in Oakland, not SF. Right? Is that a long Bart trip from Union Square?

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                Oliveto is diagonally across from the Rockridge BART station. It's maybe a 20 minute BART ride from downtown San Francisco. Pizzaiolo is not super close to the Rockridge BART, but you could walk from that station to the restaurant on Telegraph Ave. I go to Pizzaiolo because it's near my home. But if you're visiting from out of town, I don't really see the fuss to catch the BART over and making the walk (about 10 minutes) when there's A Cote and Oliveto right on College Avenue. (Here's my recent take on Pizzaiolo: http://singleguychef.blogspot.com/200...

            2. I liked Zuni's..Great vibe and great roast chicken, martinis, shrimp cocktail...Not cheap, but not completely over the top either

              1. Two biggest attractions of Zuni: Chicken for two, and a great selection of raw oysters. One of the best places in the city for people-watching as well.


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                  Went to Zuni Cafe last week, and my husband and I were stunned at how much we enjoyed it. The service was stellar - attentive, well-informed, unobtrusive - and the food was nothing short of spectacular. The ricotta gnocchi with nettles was sublime. So good, we tried to return later in the week for the chicken for two, but they were booked solid. Next time.

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                    I was there two weeks and we had the chicken for two, it was perfect. I hope you get to go back and try it soon. Everything from the bread to the dessert was spot on. The place is as good as ever. Ditto on the service too, they do a great job there.

                2. Hey, Zuni finally has a Web site.

                  Zuni Cafe
                  1658 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

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                    Where is this "Places" database? How can one see what's listed? Thanks!

                    Edit: never mind, found the info.

                  2. I'd skip. There are too many great places to eat in SF. Zuni has never lived up to the hype in my book, but that's a common opinion for just about any restaurant in this town. Mine just happens to be Zuni as my "Most Overrated" pick.

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                      Zuni's one of the most controversial restaurants in the area. There aren't many others that would make as many people's top ten lists and as many other people's "don't bother" lists.

                    2. dined there last week. yes, the barkeeps are good (vodka gimlets). yes, the chicken for two is really good. yes, the oysters (kumamotos) are plump and expertly shucked.

                      go with reasonable expectations and you'll have a good time. trend later rather than earlier and the scene will be less frantic. hope this helps.

                      1. I know it has already been mentioned in this thread, but I recently had the chicken for two for the first time and it was hands down, the best roasted chicken I have ever had! And I've eaten a lot of roasted chicken. I have been raving about to anyone that will listen to me. It takes 50 mins to cook so people in the know order it when the waiter takes their drink order.