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I'm going there tonight on a date for my Birthday.... I've been dying to try it but I'm reluctant to try new places on my BDay as I have had bad experiences... like at Chez Henri which I REALLY wanted to try last year but was really dissapointed... there and at Casablanca as well.
Any other suggestions? Or, impressions of Oleana??

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  1. Oleana is one of my favorite restaurants in the area. I've never had a bad meal there. The flattened chicken is delicious as are the hummus and grape leaves. Service is excellent too. Happy birthday!

    1. Thank you I'm excited!
      Is the atmosphere warm?? I only ask because for some reason I keep thinking of how 'sterile' the atmosphere is at the Elephant Walk... I'm looking for warm and inviting :)

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      1. If you like coconut and ice cream, I would definitely recommend the baked alaska for dessert - so tasty and big enough to share. :-)

        1. Oh man I looove coconut :)

          1. The vegetarian tasting menu is INCREDIBLE there and good even if you aren't veggie :-) Be warned though that if one person gets the tasting menu and the other orders off the regular menu, that there is no synchronization between courses so it can be a little strange timing-wise.

            1. I've been eating out at lots of "treat yourself" level restos in the area in the last couple of months before our baby is born, and by far Oleana is the absolute best place we have eaten in this series of fine dining. And it's totally comfortable inside, even has a fire going typically in the winter.
              You could request one of the corner window seats, they're pretty cozy.

              1. Oleana is one of the best restaurants in the area. Super creative chef and very unusual ingredients. I tend to be the "menu interpreter" when out with friends and I have been stumped by some the unusual descrips on Oleana's menu. Do not be afriad! Although some items may sound foriegn they are worth a try. Trust this very creative chef!

                As far as warmth, very warm and literally because it is pretty small inside. The best time to visit Oleana is in the summer when they seat in their back garden with candle lit lanterns hanging from the trees.

                1. Great restaurant - have always have good service and great, innovation food!! Best time to go, though, is in warm weather when you can sit outside!!!

                  1. The carrot puree is great, as are the fried mussels.

                    1. happy birthday Oleana is one of our favoite restaurants. the baked alaska is worth trying