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Feb 27, 2007 05:31 AM

Does Trader Joe's sell chorizo?

It isn't near me, so this would be a special trip. Thank you!

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  1. Which sort are you looking for? Mexican or Spanish?

    1. yes, and Soyrizo, as well. Better off going to a mexican or spanish market, though, if you live in LA, you can go to Vallarta

      1. Call your local TJ and ask them. Products tend to come and go at different speeds/locations. The managers are usually quite on top of their inventory. FYI I have bought it at our TJ in the past.

        1. I haven't seen in in our N.E. market but I did try the chicken paprika sausages and was amazed at how good they were. I was planning on subbing for chorizo in a dish that I never got around to making.

          1. I too was looking for Spanish sausage or even a Portugese Linguica variety on the northside of Chicago with no luck. I ended up using an organic Andouie...very appropriate these days with Marti Grau (sp?). Check out my Andouie, Kale, white bean, and potato soup recipe I posted yesterday. Great stuff!