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Tim Tams

Where in Toronto can I find Tim Tams??

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    1. can you not get them in any store in Toronto? Does anyone know?

      1. No australian food stores that I know about in Toronto. A couple of suggestions:

        1. If I can't find the foodstuffs for a particular country, I try the stores specializing in the foodstuff from a nearby country (i.e. try Phillipino gorcery stores (there's a few on Queen West), Indonesian grocery stores, etc.)

        2. Have a pint at the Tranzac Club (292 Brunswick Club): A bar devoted to Austrailian//New Zealand culture...and full of Aussie ex-pats...maybe they'd know

        1. Hahah..oh, Tim Tams. So, the whole business about sucking up hot chocolate through the Tim Tams...pretty overrated! Though I suppose much of the fun is watching the Tim Tam disintegrate within your hapless friend's chocolately fingers as the ineffectual sucking commences.

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            Hey Chester -- how do you drink hot chocolate through a Tim Tam? The only Tim Tam's I've ever had are chocolate covered biscuits. Are there straw-type cookies, too?

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              you bite both ends and then suck up the drink through the cookie...


              says, "In Canada they are available under the name Arnott's Biscuits. In Vancouver they are available at the Real Canadian Superstore."

          2. If they're available at the Real Canadian Superstore in Vancouver, maybe there are in the one in Toronto as well? It's at Eglinton and Don Mills.

            1. As of Nov 1st 2007 the regular Arnotts Tim Tams have been at Loblaws at Leslie & Lakeshore. I am an aussie in Toronto and so I can confirm that they are the real thing. Now I just have to wait until they start selling chicken Twisties!!!

              1. You can get original, caramel and dark chocolate tim tams from Lucky Moose supermarket in Toronto. Its on the corner of Dundas and Beverley in chinatown. I'm an aussie and have successfully converted my canadian friends into tim tam slammer addicts

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                  Thanks to this board's posters for introducing me to Tim Tams! Man are they ever tasty. Love em.

                  I got mine at the Loblaws at Bayview/Hwy. 7.

                2. I work in 'da Bridge (Woodbridge) and had to go to the Home Outfitters to pick up some bedsheets, and while I was waiting in line, what should I spy? But TIM TAMS!!! Original and Caramel. I only picked up one package of each (no sense in being too greedy) and the cashier told me that since they received them in, they have been flying out the store. They still seemed to have a fair amount left of each, but for how long?

                  All that being said, it seems that the Bay/Home Outfitters/Zellers may be locations to try and find them. Must say, i would love to try the dark chocolate ones.

                  1. I've only tried the chocolate ones. How do the other flavours compare?

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                      Dark chocolate not good. I don't know if the package I bought were too old or something. They seemed a little stale, but I would stick with the milk. I normally love dark chocolate as opposed to milk, but with some things milk chocolate is just the way to go. I ended up throwing out my package of dark choco with more than half left.

                    2. Concord Food Centre at Dufferin and Centre in Thornhill should have them. Its sister store, Oak Ridges Food Mart should have them too.


                      1. I think most Loblaws carry them now. I've definitely seem them at the Leslie/Lakeshore location and also Gerrard/Victoria Park location.

                        1. I bought them at Home outfitters on the Queens way in Etobicoke believe it or not..I was shocked to see them there, they had the original chocolate and the caramel filled ones, I got both kinds to try, didn't like them much kinda dry and dusty tasting, if you want an amazing cookie try the Harbord Bakery they have a chocolate walnut cookie there that will blow your mind, it tastes just like a brownie, and if you get there right when they make them they are still hot and soft and chewy like a fresh baked brownie..Enjoy

                          1. Lucky Moose in Chinatown - at Beverley and Dundas on the southwest side - got them yesterday

                            1. strangely enough, found some at a Rexall here in Brampton, Chinguacousy and Bovaird