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Favorite Things to do with Ground Turkey

other than meatloaf.

Give me your best.

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  1. Cooking Light online has a wonderful recipe for picadillo that calls for ground chicken - I always use ground turkey instead. Very simple and flavorful - uses bottled salsa, almonds, raisins. V. tasty and good mid-week cooking.

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        Just checked out the recipe and I will be making this next week.

    1. I love Königsberger Klopse with ground turkey. It's a German meatball in a lemon, butter and caper sauce that works rather well and lightly with ground turkey. My roommate makes a great turkey chili with a bottle of Trader Joe's salsa verde, beans, onions and cilantro. It's very simple but surprisingly good. Also in a pinch I've been known to make kheema matar (minced meat curry) with turkey, which is equally simple and turns out decently, though I prefer lamb.

      1. Chili made with tomatillos, green chiles, gr. turkey, and white beans (an evolution of something I found on epicurious.
        Turkey burgers, of course, esp. w/brie or gruyere.

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            I second the mapo tofu (god, I just love that stuff!) and this soup is very good too:


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              Excellent idea kare_raisu, I made it last night and was delicious with less fat. Epicurious recipe plus I added some Shaoxing wine and black vinegar.


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                This is such a great dish. I am big on textures and I love the how the silky tofu contrasts against the slightly firmer meat in an unctous, spicy sauce; atop comforting steamed rice. Simply put: You cannot lose with Mabo Tofu.

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                  I agree - this is my favorite thing to do with ground turkey. Turns out less greasy than when made with pork too.

            2. Meatloaf, picadillo, meatballs, chili. All come out great with ground turkey. I generally try to mix the 93% lean with extra lean, 99% fat free white breast meat, so the results are not too dry but also as healthful as possible.

              1. fresh diced jalapeno turkey burgers w egg and italian breadcrumbs added to mix. you can also stuff those w a nice smokey muenster. good stuff.

                1. I make a weird "mexican stir fry" with it. I only cook for myself, so I try to fit as many nutritious things into one dish.
                  I brown the ground chicken/turkey meat, then add onion, garlic, scallions, peppers (including jalapenos), some roasted corn (trader joes has frozen), olives if I have em on hand, and a can of roasted, chopped tomatoes. For spice, I add what I have on hand, which is usually cumin.
                  It's a LITTLE like chili, but less liquid and more chunk. The leftovers are great in tons of things, incuding a taco salad, fillings for enchilladas, etc.
                  And to make it more substantial, I serve it over brown rice. But it's got enough fiber by itself, that's for sure!

                  1. Turkey burgers are great. I add a little garlic and soy sauce to heighten the flavor, then I think I add a bit of egg to help bind with a few saltines, also great as meatloaf or tacos. I use to cook for a sorority house and gave them ground turkey as an option for tacos, most of the girls wouldn't touch it unless I ran low on the cow meat at which point I would mix them. No matter how much turkey was in there no one ever noticed they were eating healthier.

                    1. I brown it up with onions and use in place of hamburg for shepherds pie.

                      1. I recently started subbing ground turkey for any dish I make that calls for ground beef. So far I've successfully made turkey stroganoff and beefed up biscuits (basically a mixture like chili served with biscuits).

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                          Exactly what I'd say. Just go ahead and sub it in.
                          I've never had any problems doing this at all. Sometimes it can be even better.


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                            Chelley, Do you have a particular recipe you like to use for lettuce wraps. I love them and have never made them at home. Got to start doing so.

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                              sure...I mostly just wing the amounts. A couple of glugs, a couple of shakes and so on til it looks right. They are pretty hard to mess up but here goes..

                              I mix the ground turkey or chicken with some soy, minced garlic, a little rice wine and some chili oil. I let it sit at least 6 hours or overnight if I can.

                              Fry the turkey until all the pink is gone and add a can of chopped water chestnuts and just for kicks sometimes I add shredded carrot. I mix a sauce of a couple tablespoons of oyster sauce, a couple tablespoons of hoisin, a glug or 2 of soy, a glug or 2 of sesame oil, another splash or so of rice wine vinegar and pour it over the cooked meat. I let it simmer for a little while and then at the end I hit it with fresh lime juice and a big handful of cilantro. I use the legit iceburg lettuce even though I know there is zero nutritional value. I mix sirachi sauce with soy and a teaspoon of honey to make a dipping sauce. I cannot keep those in the house when I make them!

                          2. Ok, this is made with Turkey Italian Sausage, not plain ground turkey, but they are easy and incredible, so I thought I would throw them in:

                            TURKEY SAUSAGE WONTONS -
                            1 lb sweet italian sausage (with turkey)
                            1/2 cup grated mont. jack cheese
                            1/2 cup grated cheddar cheese
                            1 4oz. can chopped green chilis
                            1/2 cup unchuncky salsa
                            pre made won ton wraps (here, they are found in the refrigerator section)

                            - brown the sausage without the casing
                            - drain the fat, then break the sausage up into crumbles with a fork
                            - mix everything else in and and cook for 5 minutes
                            (can be prepared 3 hrs. before)

                            when ready to serve :
                            - place dollop of sausage mixture on center of Won Ton wraps. pull four corners of the wrap together to enclose mixture. Place them on a cookie sheet and cook @ 350 for 10 minutes.

                            - serve hot with sour cream for dipping. GREAT !

                            1. I make burgers with finely chopped onions, grated carrots, cooked chopped dark green leafy veggie of some sort, garlic and sometimes a bit of worcestershire sauce. I use about 1/3 veggies or perhaps a bit more -- very moist, delicious and healthful -- sometimes I add some oatmeal to help bind it all together --

                              1. I make a vegetable barley soup with a butternut squash base. To this I add either browned ground white meat turkey or tiny meatballs made from ground turkey flavored with parmesan cheese and sage.

                                1. I use ground turkey in my healthy shepherd's pie. I also recommend just making a few burgers, great to have over brown rice and they freeze beautifully.

                                  1. Make one night and eat from it all week: Ground turkey, onions, peppers (I like serrano), garlic, black beans, diced tomatoes and spices. I usually use chili powder, cumin, oregano, salt and pepper. Roll it in tortillas with cheese and whatever other burrito filling you like. Serve it over pasta with melted cheese for a fast chili mac. Add it to eggs for a pseudo Mexican breakfast. Top a salad and add salsa for a healthy lunch.

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                                    1. Turkey tacos! My secret is to add a little honey.

                                      1. I make a bastardized Thai dish that involves browning the ground turkey with sliced red bell peppers and onions, adding lime juice, fish sauce, brown sugar and sriracha to taste, then topping with the leaves from a whole bunch of fresh basil and serving over rice. It's a quick and easy weeknight meal, and relatively healthy, especially if you serve it with brown rice.

                                          1. I like to mix a pound of extra lean ground turkey with a lipton onion soup mix packet and make turkey burgers. They are really tasty and people will wonder how you seasoned them so deliciously.

                                            1. I make a "Mexican" meatloaf using taco seasoning, crushed corn chips instead of bread crumbs, black olives, onions, egg and then use salsa on top. takes the "fowl" out of the turkey....

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                                                I make a mexican meatloaf too! I use oatmeal but am going to try the corn chips. I put a cup of salsa in the meatloaf but don't use an egg. I also put in fresh cilantro and a 1/4c. sour cream. I thrown in lots of chili powder and cumin.