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Feb 27, 2007 05:14 AM

Dinner suggestions 7th./Bell Phx.

We are meeting a friend for dinner Wed. evening around 7th and Bell.I'm not that familiar with that area.We like most types of cuisine,and prefer Mom and Pop's not chains.Any out of the way little places around there?

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  1. at 16th and Bell is a truly wonderful Indian place that is definitely Mom and Pop. For Indian, we always make the trek up there. Can't even remember the name of it. Indian Palace maybe? But its on the south side of the street, being going for ages and ages.

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      It's Taste of India. It's one the few Indian restaurants I know that has British beers on tap.

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        There's a thai place in that same strip. anyone been there?

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          That's our choice for Indian.
          Husband actually orders Taj Mahal in the bottle when we go.

          It's a big restaurant for British ex pats.

      2. There is a Thai restaurant named: Pink Thai or something, on Bell, just West of 8th. Very good food, and warm, friendly, accommodating staff. Nice atmosphere also (a little upscale, not divey like some good Asian restaurants can be).

        Not sure if Blue Plate Brunchery is open for dinner. It is definitely a Mom and Pop feel. It is a diner.

        There are always a ton of cars at "Pancho's" which is a Mexican buffet at 12th St and Bell. Haven't been there myself, but it is popular.

        Ray's NY Pizza, on the west end of the Safeway shopping center is very good pizza. Surly waiters (which I don't find appealing, but it is NY style). Not upscale by any means, but good food.

        There is an Italian restaurant at 7th and Union Hills (NE corner), called Nina's Passion Bistro. It was supposed to be really great years ago, but apparently has gone a little downhill. Haven't tried it myself.

        Others might come to me, but these are my recommendations initially.

        1. Is Joey Bistro still around on 7th and Bell? It used to be a pretty decent, fun Italian restaurant.

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            yes it is. there's also spinato's, which i haven't been to, but hear good things about. I believe that's at 16th and bell

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              We have been to the Spinato's in Scottsdale...haven't tried any of their dinners....
              Their sauce is very sweet...which my SO loves. I am not a fan. I do love their thin crust pizza white pizza w/ spinach, garlic and ricotta!

          2. My parents lived near that area until a few months ago and I know that they ate at a little Greek place on 7th Street and Greenway, tucked behind Wendy's and loved it. Not sure if it is still good? I ate there once and while a little lacking in atmosphere, is a mom-and-pop place and the food was great.

            Also, it's been a few years, but is Our Gang Cafe still good? It's further south on 7th street (south of Thunderbird, south of North Mountain and The Point Tapatio). It used to be a good little intimate Italian/pizza place with really nice atmosphere and service.

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              I think the Greek place is called Greek Patio. It's pretty good, but we prefer Shish Kabob House over in Glendale.

            2. Wow,I had completely forgotten about Our Gang Cafe,haven't been there in years.
              Thanks everyone for the suggestions !!

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                I could be mistaken, but it looks as though Our Gang has closed, along with the Le Peep in the same shopping center. It seems like their spaces are being redone. Bummer,