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Feb 27, 2007 05:07 AM

Coming to Plainview area this weekend

I am looking for great stuff in the plainview area. I am willing to drive for a great meal. I have been to Mirabelle a few times so that's out. My copy of zagat is out of date for the island.
Who is doing top notch food in the Nassau/Suffolk area.


ps. I don't want to drive out to the hamptons, that's a little too far!

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  1. there are many good restaurant w/in 20 minutes of plainview. i can only assume you want something upscale since you mentioned mirabelle. in huntington you have Red(cont), Cassis(fr bistro), Picolo(ital) and Besito(auth. mex). all top notch and a liitle more hip than stuffy. in glen cove try Heirloom(cont) or Barneys(cont). Mio(ital) in roslyn is outstanding as is Il mulino(not as good as the original, but very good). Aqua in rockville center is outstanding. Wild Honey(cont) in Oyster Bay is very good. numerous great steakhouses Bryant and cooper (roslyn) Peter Luger (great neck) and rothmans(east norwich)are a few of the better ones and not too far from you. There are many more very good ones, the ones i mention are not SPECIAL OCCASION places or top 5 zagats rated places, but all good fun Saturday night out, good atmosphere places.

    1. I've never been, but I hear good things about Mill River Inn in Oyster Bay...

      1. Not the upscale dining experience you seem to be seeking but if you're looking for a casual chowhoundish decent lunch or even dinner, The Regal Deli, kosher in Plainview is one of the better kosher/jewish delis on LI. And now that 2nd Avenue deli in the city is closed, maybe one of the better ones overall.

        L'Endroit in Roslyn s a good upscale French of the romantic but bordering on stuffy variety.

        Bistro M in Glen Head is a good contemporary American - pricey, more relaxed atmosphere.

        Cool Fish in Syosset and it's sister Passion Fish in Woodbury used to be good but I've read some negative things here recently.

        1. What about zagat top 5 rated places?
          this will be kind of a special occasion.


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            Hhhmmm gutterman. Maybe something romantic?? Anyway, how far are you willing to drive?

          2. Pricey, but definitely worth it is Stresa in Manhasset. There is another location in Woodbury, Stresa East, which is also wonderful and closer to Plainview, but I prefer the Manhasset location.