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Feb 27, 2007 04:37 AM

Looking for good eats in Tucson......

Goin' down to Tucson this weekend and am looking for cheap breakfast and a yummy dinner

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  1. My favorite restaurant is in Tucson. It is not a fancy place and kind of seems like a hole in the wall, but at the same time the staff are friendly, the place is clean, and the food totally rocks (if you like vietnamese).

    Try Miss Saigon's on corner of Campbell and Speedway (behind the big hotel)
    Their Chicken curry is fabulous, the Pho is to die for, and the springrolls and eggrolls are always amazing.
    Try it out!

    1. My favorite breakfast place in Tucson is Frank's on Pima and Alvernon. Big fluffy biscuits, pancakes that cover the plate and crispy, salty corned beef hash. MMMMM.

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        I'd second the rec for Franks. Cheap breakfast at a good people watching place.

        Another to consider for cheap breakfast is Robert's Restaurant on Grant.

      2. Breakfast: Frank's, Cup Cafe, Blue Willow Cafe.
        Dinner: Feast, Poco Cosa.
        Also check out the older postings.