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Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

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Hi guys - My wonderful friends just got me the Kitchenaid Pro 600 stand mixer for my birthday and a gift certificate for any of the attachments taht come with it.

For those of you who have this wonderful tool, what attachements do you find the most useful?

Also, some good ideas on how I can maximize usage of the stand mixer would be much appreciated.

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  1. Wow - you DO have wonderful friends! Happy birthday and congratulations!

    I have the same model, and love it! I only have 2 attachments though. The juicer (which I have yet to use) and the pasta rollers which are awesome. I received the juicer with purchase, but now I wish I had chosen something else, like maybe the food grinder. I think I would have more use for that one. (The main reason I don't use the juicer though, is because my food processor also has one so the few times I need fresh squeezed juice in large quantities I use that one.)

    I use my stand mixer all the time. I make a lot of baked goods so it gets a good workout. I LOVE my mixer!

    1. Please post any recipes for using the Kitchen Aid on Home Cooking.

      1. An extra bowl and beater - I find these to be a wonderful luxury that allows me to continue with a project without interrupting for a washing. Whip egg whites and put aside while you mix the chocolate batter, etc. "Look Ma, no washing until I'm finished!"

        I have three of each which is really over the top.

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          Yep, I second this. I have two bowls also.

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            I agree, get another bowl. Maybe two if you do a ton of baking. It really helps when you're making a cake to be able to do the cake and the icing without having to wash the bowl in between.

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              Another vote for a second bowl. I just got one this Christmas. It's really nice to have that second one.

            2. I have the pasta machine and the food chopper/slicer attachements. I like them both. I don't use either that often but they are great when I do use. I like the extra bowl idea. I may have to get myself one.

              1. My husband loves gadgets and bought nearly everything they make. The pasta one is nice but I vote for the extra bowl and the food grinder. We use it often to grind our own "hamburger" when chuck roasts go on sale. And it is used for some salads.

                1. I would second the food grinder. After you've bought a few chuck roasts on sale and made your own ground chuck, you'll wonder how you lived without it. I haven't bought ground beef from the supermarket in I don't know how long.

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                    Yep, just what I thought. Should've gotten the food grinder instead of the juicer. Dang.

                  2. I recently bought the sausage stuffing attachement. I'm going to try making my own sausges when I get around to finding the casings.

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                      I bought casings from my meat market.

                    2. I agree with the extra bowl and beater. Have to add having a second paddle would be nice as well! I have a bunch of attachments I've not been able to use (space constraints) but will be using them soon!

                      Avoid the pouring shield. It's not worth it. I got it free with my stand mixer and find it makes a mess.

                      1. I have the food grinder, pasta attachments, ice cream maker and ravioli attachment.

                        I would heartily vote for the grinder and pasta attachments. It is really nice being able to grind ones own meat...


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                          Do you like the ice cream maker? I was searching for one for a while, and when I couldn't find it, I lost interest. Is it worth a renewed pursuit?

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                            I have only used it a couple of times (I got it in October). It is good so far, but I haven't perfected the ice cream making in general. Everyone on the kitchenaid forums loves it though.


                        2. I recently purchased the same mixer! I'd like an extra bowl and the pasta roller.

                          1. If you don't get anything else for the Kitchenaid, a second bowl is a must! I went for quite a while without one, and found myself having to clean-up the one bowl I did have in order to continue a recipe. Although not a gadget, I also recommend buying a cover for when the mixer is not being used. This keeps it nice and shiny and dust free, and helps prevent having to dust it off each time you want to use it.

                            1. Thanks for all the suggestions! I really want to get the pasta attachments but looks like there are three different parts? Do I need all of them?

                              1. I have the pasta roller and cutters and use them often. They came in a set which I found on sale (don't remember how much it costed) so I also got some pasta flours and KA utensils, none of which are noteworthy. My cutter is about a broad linguine size, roughly 1/3" in width. I have a manual pasta machine too with several cutters so I don't see the need to buy additional cutters. The roller is the main tool you want. You can always cut pasta by hand.

                                I also have a spare bowl which I use very seldom. I find it fairly quick to clean up the bowl and reuse rather than hunt for the spare which is stored at the back of a cupboard - your storage may not be as limited as mine.

                                I have the ice cream maker which doesn't really fit my KA machine which is pretty old. I can make it work, sort of, and like it because the motor is far more powerful than most ice cream makers, plus the bowl holds 2 quarts, twice the size of my other ice cream maker. If your machine is newish, and you like to make ice cream, I think this accessory is worth the $$.

                                1. I find a second bowl (which I had for my old KitchenAid) helpful for Christmas (or other holiday) baking, and the paddle is what I use 99% of the time, so my vote is for a second one of those ...

                                  Also for the old one I had a copper bowl insert ... possibly the most useless accessory ;)

                                  1. i just got the grinder and pasta roller attachments for Christmas. I haven't used the pasta attachment yet, but I use the grinder attachment all the time to make ground meat. It's famtastic!

                                    1. i just got the grinder and pasta roller attachments for Christmas. I haven't used the pasta attachment yet, but I use the grinder attachment all the time to make ground meat. It's famtastic!

                                      1. i just got the grinder and pasta roller attachments for Christmas. I haven't used the pasta attachment yet, but I use the grinder attachment all the time to make ground meat. It's famtastic!

                                        1. Thank you so much for all your suggestions. I made up my mind and bought the following yesterday:

                                          - Attachment set: food grinder, vegetable chopper and vegetable strainer
                                          - Extra bowl
                                          - Cover
                                          - Ice cream attachment
                                          - Pasta attachment

                                          yes, I dropped a lot of dough (especially since I have no space in my Manhattan apartment), but I can't wait to start using it all!!!

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                                            So glad you asked this question, I got one for Christmas from my Aunt 2 years ago, but we have been moving across country and it's still in the box. All my things are still back east, but I have been looking at getting attachments. I did buy a cover, and I will certainly buy another bowl and beater. I have been searching high and low for the copper bowl, but read Foiegras comment that it was a waste. Isn't the copper bowl best for whipping whipped cream? Maybe you don't make that much whipped cream? There are many uses for it. Does anyone else have the copper bowl and what are your thoughts on it. Don't eat meat so I don't need the grinder, and I already have an electric citrus squeezer and an Ice Cream Maker, but I will consider the pasta attachment. Is making pasta easy enough? This I would love to do, then I could make all the different flavors, fresh.