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Feb 27, 2007 04:18 AM

Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

Hi guys - My wonderful friends just got me the Kitchenaid Pro 600 stand mixer for my birthday and a gift certificate for any of the attachments taht come with it.

For those of you who have this wonderful tool, what attachements do you find the most useful?

Also, some good ideas on how I can maximize usage of the stand mixer would be much appreciated.

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  1. Wow - you DO have wonderful friends! Happy birthday and congratulations!

    I have the same model, and love it! I only have 2 attachments though. The juicer (which I have yet to use) and the pasta rollers which are awesome. I received the juicer with purchase, but now I wish I had chosen something else, like maybe the food grinder. I think I would have more use for that one. (The main reason I don't use the juicer though, is because my food processor also has one so the few times I need fresh squeezed juice in large quantities I use that one.)

    I use my stand mixer all the time. I make a lot of baked goods so it gets a good workout. I LOVE my mixer!

    1. Please post any recipes for using the Kitchen Aid on Home Cooking.

      1. An extra bowl and beater - I find these to be a wonderful luxury that allows me to continue with a project without interrupting for a washing. Whip egg whites and put aside while you mix the chocolate batter, etc. "Look Ma, no washing until I'm finished!"

        I have three of each which is really over the top.

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          Yep, I second this. I have two bowls also.

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            I agree, get another bowl. Maybe two if you do a ton of baking. It really helps when you're making a cake to be able to do the cake and the icing without having to wash the bowl in between.

            1. re: Sherri

              Another vote for a second bowl. I just got one this Christmas. It's really nice to have that second one.

            2. I have the pasta machine and the food chopper/slicer attachements. I like them both. I don't use either that often but they are great when I do use. I like the extra bowl idea. I may have to get myself one.

              1. My husband loves gadgets and bought nearly everything they make. The pasta one is nice but I vote for the extra bowl and the food grinder. We use it often to grind our own "hamburger" when chuck roasts go on sale. And it is used for some salads.