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Feb 27, 2007 04:11 AM

Federal Hill/SoBo breakfast?

I'm finally moving, and the previous thread on where to eat in Federal Hill was invaluable. But I'm still lacking a place to grab breakfast.

Is there anything good around? For that matter, is there anything available?

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  1. Rallo's on Fort Ave, Metropolitan Coffee and Wine Bar on Charles, Sam's Bagels on LIght and Spoons Coffee on Cross Street.

    Welcome to the neighborhood.

    1. Definitely Steve's Lunch in Cross Street Market. Great egg sandwiches and iced tea. There is also Piedigrotta Bakery in the Market if you want more of an espresso and pastry type of breakfast.

      1. If you want a cheap, greasy, traditional blue-collar breakfast, there's always the Garden Restaurant at Light St. and Fort Ave.

        1. Harvest Table in Locust Point does breakfast on Saturday and Sunday (they may not open until 9:00 am though) and it is always great. They've got a jazz/folk duo that play on Sundays which is nice and it's perfect during the summer to sit at the outside tables.

          Hull Street Blues in Locust Point also has a great brunch on Sundays. It's usually packed and always great.

          If you feel like driving, don't miss Jimmy's and Blue Moon in Fell's Point and the City Cafe in Mt. Vernon is nice as well.

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            The brunch at Regi's came up in conversation recently and a friend said it was really good? Does anyone else have any thoughts about it?

            1. re: a70wilson

              wife and i went to Regi's a few weeks ago. pretty good. she got crab omelet (tons of crab) and i got steak and eggs. they serve mini-muffins to the table that are fairly tasty. good compromise place for us- she tends to prefer light, healthful items like salads and i like a greasy spoon.

              1. re: dwbengals

                regi's is good. i always have a good time and meal on lazy saturdays. now that spring is on the way, you can even sit outside in front.

          2. Spoons and Metropolitan are my staples.