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Feb 27, 2007 03:34 AM

Lago Maggiore: Verbania, Canobbio, Stresa

Leaving this weekend for a quick jaunt to Lago Maggiore and would love any restaurant recommendations in this area. I realize that options will be limited due to being off-season (most of the area really opens late-March/early April). I'm staying in Verbania near the "Suri" area on the lake on Friday night and making my way up the coast to Locarno (Switzerland) for Saturday night. Hopefully will take the ferry to Stresa from Locarno on Sunday afternoon.

Thanks, Benji

PS: Does anyone know of any place in Gallarte for a sandwich as I wait for the train near Milan-Malpensa airport?

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  1. We stayed at the Hotel Verbano on Isola dei Pescatori. There are ferries from Stresa.
    If I remember right (it was a few years ago), the restaurant was very good. In addition, it was a very special location with gorgeous views. In the evening, the tourists are gone an you feel as if you have this wonderful little island to yourself and some locals. I'm not sure what their off season schedule is.

    1. Hello!
      Maybe it's too late and you're already back.
      IN Verbania Pallanza there is a very nice bistrot in the "ruga" (the main pedestrian street) called bistrot delle rose.
      I think it's also open off season, since I've eaten there several times during winter week days.

      There is another good restaurant in Verbania Intra, but I really don't remember its name. it's near the market place, but I can't be very helpful, sorry.

      Another place, never tried, but should be very good, it's "piccolo lago" in FOndotoce, near Lago di Mergozzo.


      1. Traveling to Stresa - If anyone has updated suggestions for Must Try Food and Restaurants in this region it would be most appreciated.

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          Ditto--I too will be in Stresa for a couple of nights in May. You might be interested in this thread I started on the Slowtravel site as there are some good recommendations there for Stresa and Verbania area. These two sound particularly interesting:

          Osteria del Castello: In Verbania, 20 minutes from downtown Stresa,

          Dam a Traa: True traditional Piemontese cooking, a few miles further, in Suna, before Verbania.

          The whole thread is here:

        2. The Piedmont Region of Italy is Beautiful!
          In Stresa and Milan enjoyed AMAZING quick bites and meals at the following:

          Restaurant Da Cesare
          Via Mazzini 14 - 28838 Stressa
          39 0323 31386
          Must try Piedmont Sauce with Gnocchi
          The Creamiest Polenta ever!

          Ristorante Albergo Verbano on Islo Pescatori
          5 Course Meal after arriving via Boat

          Pasticceria Gigi Bar
          Stresa - Amazing Fruit Tarts

          Gelati and Pizza is at every corner
          Enjoyed Cremeria Fantasy
          Via Pricipessa Margherita 38
          Pistachio - Tirimisu - Chocolate!

          Not a bad meal the entire trip!

          In Milan - definitely try Focaccia, olive, pesto, zucchini and Panzarotti - AMAZING!

          You will not go hungry!

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            An addition for Stresa...we loved this restaurant and actually ate there both nights of our stay. Reserve to get one of the few outdoor tables.

            Il Vicoletto
            vicolo del Poncivo, Stresa

            Here is a photo of their menu:

            the warm Seppe (cuttlefish) with orange was fanastic, as was the tagliolini with fact every dish we ate was wonderful (hence we went back two nights in a row!)