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Feb 27, 2007 02:24 AM

Buffalo (Amherst) Recs

Will be at the Marriott on Friday and Saturday, 3/09 and 3/10. Would appreciate recs for dinners. All price levels, all types of food. Have read recent negative reviews of Daffodils. Any recent experiences?


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  1. I think Daffodils has closed actually. If you are willing to drive into the city, I would recommend Left Bank or Mother's. If you want to stay in the general area of the Marriott I would recommend Pietro's on Transit or Bonefish Grill at the Boulevard Mall.

    1. There are a few recent Buffalo thread out there. Daffodils closed as wasn't that good (IMHO). Bonefish is a chain, not sure if that is what you are looking for. Obviously, Buffalo is the place to try wings and beef on weck and there are a lots of rec's on the other threads. For upscale, we like the Chophouse downtown. Grovers on Transit for lunch (BIG burgers). For an "experience", try Salvatore's ....cheesy, over the top decor but decent food.

      1. Chophouse IMO is a RIPOFF.

        1. Well, for sweet tooth attacks, go to Butterwood Bakery (5409 Main St. near Union Rd.). You might try Salvatore's Italian Gardens on Transit - gaudy exterior, but fairly good food.
          Friar's Table isn't to far. You might try Thai at Saigon Bangkok on Niagara Falls Blvd.

          Other than that for "sort of local" to the Marriot, I'd go a little further afield and take a trip down to Hertel to La Marina for seafood. Or do you want local Buffalo cuisine?

          1. The Marriott is close to everything. It's not that big a city -- you won't drive more than 10-15 minutes for any of these places. I grew up in Buffalo in a foodie family, and I visit often now, so this is where I'd go. For dinners, I'd check out Siena on Main Street (Italian and a nice bar), Hutch's (modern fresh American, also great bar), DiGuilio's on Hertel. I just tried a great wine bar and restaurant downtown called Bacchus. For fancier fare, Oliver's or Rue Franklin. And you are about a minute away from my favorite for Wings, Duff's.