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Feb 27, 2007 12:54 AM

FINALLY! New Eats in Alameda - Dragon Rouge

(This is a re-post since I accidentally posted it on the CALIFORNIA heading instead of this one! Oops~)
WoW! This brand new restaurant is exactly what the east bay needs. Fun creative drinks, unique and tasty food, great ambiance, and at affordable prices!

I highly recommend trying the Aloe Saketini , it's light, crisp and sweet without being syrupy... just try a little taste, it's So Goooood!

I am a carpaccio fanatic so (of course) I loved that they offer this as an one of their appetizers! Also we asked for a basic spring roll and the owner suggested that we try the Dizzy Dragon Sampler which included a roll that is native to the region that his mother was originally from called Phan Thiet...and it's named The Phantastic Roll (I thought that was so cute!) But it's a crispy roll within a soft wrap, totally different from any spring roll I've ever tried. This roll beats the hell outta Le Chevals shrimp rolls!

Being with a large party we ordered the Mekong "Nine Dragon" Delta Skewer Platter and I would recommend doing that since you will find your own favorites out of the assortment. Mine's the Chicken for sure~

I can't wait to go back and try the Clay Pot dishes and the Chicken Curry w/french bread (which seemed like a popular choice among the employees) The appetizers are around $6-$8, entrees $8-$14 and this is the DINNER MENU prices! The only thing I hope is that this place doesn't get too packed now that I'm letting the cat outta the bag! for the lunch and dinner menu

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  1. Thanks for the report! Some other Alameda hounds and I were discussing it here last week, but none of us had made it in yet. Stylistically it definitely fills an empty niche on the local dining scene.

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      I just read the old thread... where is their assesment on competitor restaurants? I couldn't find it. Anyways, I hope you guys make it there soon so I know what else to order next time I go! The staff is really friendly and I think it'd be a great introduction to vietnamese food for 'Chow-pup's', many of my friends are really intimidated by what they call the "communal chopsticks" at pho places and sticky menu's... this place is clean, modern and employs a staff that can explain in great detail the various dishes. Don't get me wrong, I love grungy hardcore, but I once brought a friend to a Pho spot in oakland, and the guy at the cash register was clipping his finger nails!! I was so embarrassed!

      1. re: sakura58

        It looks like they updated the website after they opened and removed the link to the "investor package" -- too bad, there was some good info in there about the background of the "team." Maybe, if they're reading this, they'll put some of that info back under an "about us" link. Basically, I was amused to see them trash both the food and the atmosphere at the (now blessedly defunct) Emerald Garden. Little Saigon fared a little better.

        BTW, I love their logo -- someone did a really nice job on that!

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          I don't blame them, in this town everyone wants small, quaint and familiar but a lot of these businesses need a facelift or at least a good scrub down. A little competition should be good for the Alameda restaurants =)

    2. Any update on if they are opening for lunch yet? The site says maybe this week?

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      1. re: rob133

        When I talked to them during their "soft" opening they said they would be open for lunch this week. I guess the best thing is to call them and ask. I'm looking forward to more reports!

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. a group of my friends were able to go last week (i wasn't in town) and they had excellent opinions of the place. food was good. service was professional though they could tell a lot of the staff was new, they were still friendly. and they said the cocktail/drinks list was very inventive and good. I can't wait to try it out myself.

          I hear the space isn't too big though.

          On a side note, I'm sort of glad that Emerald Garden is going away, I've never been impressed with their food fare. And some of it has been plain bad the few times I've gone. Hopefully something thing more interesting will open up there. I've always thought a Vietnamese deli like Cam Huong would be nice in Alameda, though perhaps more so on the West side of Alameda.

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          1. re: nicedragonboy

            Alameda could use a decent deli, period. A branch of Cam Huong would be great, though.

            I hope something great goes into the Emerald Garden space -- I think it has huge potential: it's obviously a good spot for a restaurant (considering the longevity of Emerald Garden despite it being awful, and the success of the mediocre Linguini's).

            What Alameda needs is a good "California" cafe, with an interesting breakfast menu, and salads and sandwiches, and more casual dinner fare than, for example, Pappo. Something like the old Carrara's would be perfect.

            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              What about Baci's on Lincoln for a decent deli? But ye I kind of agree that Alameda could do with something like that up on Park......

              But I guess your not talking general deli's!

          2. A Cam Huong over here would be great! No driving to Chinatown for a breakfast sandwich ~