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Feb 27, 2007 12:28 AM

tom's tacos??

hello fellow hounds! So this last weekend Me and a friend ventured into LA to visit my favorite child hood fast food restaurant...the infamous...Tito's Tacos. So since this visit my mind has been infatuated with finding something similar in Orange County. I looked through threads on Chowhound and found out that Tom's Tacos used to be owned by the Tito's Tacos people. I was wondering if anyone knew how Tom's actually compares to Tito's?? And does Tom's have the same salsa as tito's??? I love Tito's salsa! Any help or other recommendations for fried tacos in the OC would be great!


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  1. It has been 5 years, but it used to be the same everything. I think they even had a couple extra things, like quesadillas and taquitos, but I would not swear to that.

    1. It was never owned by the Tito's people, it was always owned as a franchise operation. The terminated the franchise agreement at least ten years ago but virtually nothing changed. Yes, the salsa is the same.

      1. I've Been to a Tito's Tacos in Anahiem, i Believe it was on Ball Road somewhere. I remember some of the menu items being different.