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Feb 26, 2007 11:07 PM

SF - Butter - Deep-fried twinkies & microwave cuisine

One of the few places I know I'm too old for. Pity.

Billed as a white trash bar the website describes the food as

" ... the latest in radiated cuisine. Tasty, homecooked selections just like your babysitter used to make.Utilizing multiple microwaves, our trailer chef is capable of a dazzling array of dishes skillfully prepared using just the right power settings and timing sequences."

They even have suggested beverage/food pairings like beanie weanies (canned cocktail franks) & Pabst Blue Ribbon on tap.

In addition to the Twinkies (regular or covered in graham cracker crumbs & fried) there are Ho Ho's & Ding Dongs.

The beverage selection not only includes jello shots but specialty cocktails like the Tangtini ... Absolut Mandrin, Triple Sec, OJ in a Tang rimmed glass.

Anyway ... for anyone needing a deep-fried twinkie fix or chili cheese tater tots.

Yep. You know you're over the hill and you follow the link thinking it is a discussion of different brands butter.

354 11th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 863-5964

Tue-Sun 6:00 p.m.-2:00 a.m.

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  1. You know, I love a good tater tot (and yes, a Ding Dong) as much as the next guy, but that just seems like too much. I'd prefer a drive in with a random menu, and maybe 7-11 and a Slurpee. Of course "my friend" might go- but he might not admit it, not because it is so downscale, but because it is pretentious. Also, no Chocodiles? COME ON!

    So with that in mind, anyplace around here have deep fried tater tots (preferably a cheap burger place)- like Sonic, but not a chain?

    1. As I write this I'm eating tator tots!

      I've been, it was the night they were filming an episode for Food Network - to fill the place, the PBR was 50 cents & appetizers were $1. Although people tell me I'm youthful looking for my age, I was clearly a good 15 years older than the average customer. There was only one person older than me and he invited us to a scotch tasting that was happening later that night at the Carnelian Room, which was awesome.

      Butter was not awesome. All the food is frozen and super-processed (which I understand is the point) but it was mostly only barely reheated in a microwave. I love tator tots but microwave tator tots are soggy and gross. I can make WTF better and cheaper hungover and blindfolded.

      So maybe there are three levels of white trash food - 1. Fancified WTF, 2. Slightly updated WTF, 3. No concessions WTF. Only thing is, even back when I was Ceritifed Texas WT, I always baked my tots.

      1. I went to this place with some friends some time back -- there are only so many mushy tater tots one can eat, and kitsch factor, while amusing, wears thin really fast. Soon you just realize that you're in an over-crowded bar with bad service...

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            ... and in both topics not a single mention of the fried twinkie.

            Missed that post since I wasn't living in SF at the time.

            Ok, you get major brownie points for finding that link ... or is that twinkie points ... Ho Ho points?

            With a name like Butter and a wounded Ch search engine I didn't bother to look. Even Google seemed a little daunting.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              FYI - I am Pssst (changed my name with the new software).

              I didn't realize that my visit was as far back as 2004. Time flies when you're busy eating.

              1. re: larochelle

                Whoa, I had no idea you are the poster formerly known as Pssst. Cool!

                I used to be Dave M.P. now I don't have the dots.

            2. Is the stand serving crepes still next door to Butter (or a few doors down, can't remember clearly)?

              If you're looking for less "downscale" food in corridor, you're better off at The Public a half block up.