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good ribeye steak and sides

any suggesitons on some good ribeye (or any other type of steak if you feel that strongly about it) with a nice set of sides (ie explosive mac n cheese!)?

i dont care for ambience

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  1. I'll probably be flamed for both of these recs, but I like Ruth's Chris ribeye and their creamed spinach, and Houston's has a really good Hawaiian ribeye and I like their acorn squash when it's in season.

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      No reason to be flamed. Ruth's Chris is awesome, chain or not.

    2. JAR

      great ribeye!
      best sides- purple yams, pea shoots, brussel sprouts!!!!!!

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        I second Jar. Its our favorite, particularly for the ribeye. Well marbled. I think there known for their potroast, but stick with the ribeye and purple yams.

      2. Maybe not the first place you'd think of, but the ribeye at Pane E Vino (8265 Beverly Blvd, (323) 651-4600) is really nice. (I forget who, but one of the old-timers on this board mentioned this; I gave it a try and they were/are absolutely correct.) PEV serves a very flavorful steak, cooked over hardwood, which gives it a wonderful smoky touch. Absolutely delicious. Good Italian-style sides too, but I'm not sure if they'll make you mac & cheese.

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          Old-timer? Old-timer??? The body may be an old-timer, but the palate is young enough to recognize the best steak in LA -- & it is indeed a ribeye. Pane e Vino's bistecca alla Fiorentina is indeed as good as it gets.

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            With age comes wisdom... I bow to thee, master...

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              I too owe a lot to Mr. Grub to pointing me to Pane e Vino for their ribeye.

          1. I had a very good rib eye at La Terza.

            1. My favorite side to a ribeye is a scotch ... 555 East serves a great steak and has a nice scotch selection.

              1. I once thought JiRaffe had an amazing Rib eye that was served in a veal reduction with potatoes lyonnaise but i recently had one that was a little tough and therefore disappointing. I had the bone in rib eye at Felmings and that was really good - sides were so so but maybe there is a hit on their list(the baked potato was a miss)

                1. Arroyo Chop House in Pasadena - good steaks & sides.

                  1. The Lincoln on Wilshire in Santa Monica

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                        Bummer, they had good steaks. Thanks for the info.

                    1. The Lodge on La Cienega is very good and a much nicer scene/decor than Ruth Chris.

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                        It's definitely more hip, but my sister and I found that Ruth's Chris was better and less expensive. Just our opinion though.

                      2. The steak frites at the bar at Lucques is great, and a terrific value ($16!). Or you can eat at a table and order the club steak for two, which is killer -- comes with a simple arugula salad (delicious) and these ridiculously good "potatoes parisienne." Great combination. I'd also recommend the hanger steak at Hatfield's, which is totally off the charts. Comes with short ribs, onion confit, and a smoked potato puree. Amazing. www.infinitefress.blogspot.com

                        1. I love the steaks at the Pacific Dining Car. Trad steak house sides. The creamed spinach is fab. Great wine list too.

                          1. My wife one of the best ribeyes I've tasted in a while at Parkway Grill a few weeks ago. I almost never order a steak at Parkway (I go there for pastas and fish) but I would next time

                            1. My problem with every prime steakhouse in LA is that no one has the killer steak and sides under the same roof. Ruth Chris, love their sides, not a fan of a butter drenched steak. For consistency, Mortons is my fav steak but their sides stink.

                              I'm partial to great mashed potatoes with my steak, and besides my wife few places can get it right. Campanile is the exception

                              Mastros, in my one visit was overrated for both imo. Plus that crazy cramped upstairs environment where you cant even see your food just annoyed me to no end. Bad experience

                              Go to Parkway a few times a year but never tried Arroyo next door. I will have to try it.

                              Flemings...solid steaks, mediocre sides...fun appetizers though

                              Dan Tanas NY steak with a pasta side is excellent for a change of pace, but like Mastros cramped plus a dose of attitude

                              If I could cobble together it would be:

                              Mortons NY or Ribeye steak with Campanile mashed potatoes and Lawrys creamed spinich and/or corn...Or Lawrys baked potato which is my fav in LA