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Feb 26, 2007 08:45 PM

Best Smoked Salmon in Canada?

I'm looking to order smoked salmon (preferably cold smoked) and/or other smoked seafood (other fish, clams, muscles, indian candy, etc.) for a friend in Canada and would like recommendations for reputable retailers/outlets that ship Canada wide? I am looking for quality and willing to pay for it....thank you in advance....

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  1. I live in New Jersey but used to vacation a lot in Nova Scotia. I strongly recommend Willy Krauch in Tangier, Nova Scotia for cold smoked salmon. Willy doesn't have a website but you can email the company or phone. Here's a link - less than a year old - that tells you all you need to know. Willy's is the best!!

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      I have contactem them and will order from them soon.....what else should I get beside smoked salmon (if you remember)? Also, any other suppliers that you can recommend?

      1. re: Pollo

        If you look at the link I sent, you will see that the "runners up" to Willy's smoked salmon are also listed. You can click on them and be directed to their websites.

        I never ordered from Willy's but I did visit his place in Tangier, NS several times. The only other thing I tried was the smoked trout and it was very good.

        1. re: ambrose

          For some reason your link does not work on my computer???

          1. re: Pollo

            Hmmm.....very weird.

            The link does appear broken but when I click on it, it works for me. Suggest you just go to and search on smoked salmon. That should lead you to the information in question.

            By the way, this site contains lots of good stuff. I wish I still lived in Canada!

    2. There are many suppliers around. I personally like, but I'm sure people on the Canada and/or the Western Canada board can probably give you many more suggestions.

      1. Willy Krauch did have great smoked salmon when I last tried it a few years ago. But I'm going to take a brave stand here and a risk major dissing: the PC "Bay of Fundy" smoked Atlantic salmon available at most Loblaws and related stores in Canada is very good stuff.