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Feb 26, 2007 08:03 PM

Portuguese Churrasco in Scarborough

I couldn't believe it when I passed it last week on Danforth Rd. and Birchmount, an actual Portuguese Churrascaria this far east in the GTA, it's call Portugril. Could this mean no more trips all the way down to Eglinton Ave West to Costa Verde. Today I went in hoping for the best, I ordered a quarter chicken white meat grilled(mild piri-piri sauce) with roast potatoes and rice, cost was $10.83 in total including drink (regular rotisserie chicken dinner was only $6.50, they add $1.00 for grilled and another $0.50 for white meat, drink was $1.50). The grilled chicken was kept in a warming oven of some sort, but the meat itself was pretty juicy even though it was breast meat, piri-piri sauce was pretty good. My only complaint would probaby be the rice, as it could probably be a little more moist, but I came in towards the closing, so it probably was sitting in the heating tray for awhile. All in all I still think Costa Verde makes better chicken but it can't beat the location, it's pretty much just around the corner from me. I'll probably go again to try some of their sandwiches, I saw pulled pork sandwiches and some natas on the way out.

Here's their website:

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  1. I work in Scarborough so I'll check it out. One place I always go to is Red Rooster in Maple (Between Keele and Jane on Major Mackenzie). They basically have the same menu as Portugril. I've had the Half chicken, with rice and potatoes (under $10), the Sole fillet and the ribs with the same sides. All dishes are very good and well worth the price. I practically drink the piri-piri they have there.

    1. From my experience, any restaurant that serves 'nuggets' is one to avoid...but given the relative close proximity of Portugril to my humble abode, I shall give it a try