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Feb 26, 2007 08:01 PM

MSP: Best breakfast

i love breakfast and have been to a lot of good places in the area
some of my favorites are:

al's breakfast
hell's kitchen
bread and chocolate

what else is good?

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  1. Go to Maria's for the corn pancakes. This place is a must!!! See the "Best Pancakes" thread for more info.

    And I love brunch at the Birchwood Cafe, but only when it's not too busy. During peak times, it gets rather frantic, but it's not hard to avoid the crowds. (Did you know that they make waffles during the week? I didn't until last Friday, when a Birchwood buttermilk-cherry waffle saved me from almost-certain extinction.



    1. Can't go wrong with some pastries from Rustica or Patrick's.

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      1. Speaking of Bread and Chocolate, I don't get the appeal. I used to live right at Grand and Victoria and was so excited by the idea of this cute cafe. However, it just seemed to be the plainer things/left overs from Cafe Latte. I never got breakfast there that I recall but the sandwiches are nothing special. Boring bread with sandwich fixings that I could just as easily pull out of my fridge. Was I missing something?

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          Same company as Cafe Latte, so that would make sense. They have a few things there that are consistently good. The egg and bacon or egg and sausage croissants are always good, as are the pain au chocolat. Other than that, I don't eat anything else there.

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            the sandwiches are standard, but the fabulous fudge bars and brownies are quite good.

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              i never eat food there but they have some pretty good pastries
              on sundays they have amazing cardamom cake stuff

            2. In Minneapolis:

              Colossal Cafe on 42nd & Cedar, for which there is a thread already:

              Maria's, on Franklin near Bloomington Ave., for the aforementioned chachapas venezolanas (corn pancakes).

              Victor's 1959 Cafe, on 38th and Grand, a hole-in-the-wall with Cuban breakfasts.

              Clicquot Club, on 25th Street near the Mississippi river, for some nice egg dishes and good coffee.

              In St. Paul:

              Day by Day Cafe, on West 7th, for blueberry pancakes w/bacon or the special.

              Bon Vie, on Selby, for omelets or the pancakes of the day.

              1. Hot Plate off Bloomington Ave S.
                Pop's in Dayton's Bluff (hit or miss but there are some things and the decor is very cute)
                I'm a sucker for the Edina Grill
                And I've said this before: BRUNCH at Redstone. Cannot beat a mimosa, caramel roll and a breakfast entree of your choice for $9.95