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Fage yogurt - can I get it in Vancouver?

Just back from a trip to the US and had some fantastic yogurt imported from Greece. Anyone ever tried Fage? Anyone know if I can get it in Vancouver? How about a reasonable fascimile? The 2% was great, the 0% was fine.

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  1. I'm not sure if Trader Joe's exists in Vancouver, but they carry this product. Greek style yogurt, such as Fage, is nothing more than strained regular yogurt. You can make this yourself. Here's the play by play:
    1. Place a basket-style coffee filter into a fine mesh sieve set over a bowl that will fit into the refrigerator.
    2. Place plain yogurt of choice into the coffee filter, cover the sieve and bowl, and refrigerate over night.
    You should have deliciously thick yogurt by mornin' time to enjoy with crunchy granola and fresh fruit. I like to sweeten plain yogurt with a little honey or real maple syrup.

    1. The Fage website doesn't list Canada as a place they exporet to. I'm also disappointed. It's very different than what we used to called 'yogurt cheese' which is what is descibed above. Especially the Fage with Greek honey.

      1. There are no Trader Joe's anywhere in Canada.

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          I had Fage yougurt and it definitively has a different flavor and texture from the yougurt that you can get in Canada. Most of Canadian yougurts have thickening agents added and many have corn syrup as a filler not to mention "poor" microbial cultures. I would try Whole Foods in W. Van to see if they might not have it or some of the Greek delies on the west side (10th Ave. area).

        2. How bizarre. I was just about to post asking if anyone knew where I could get it in Calgary. I share your disappointment! ANd straining the yogurt does approximate the consistency, but the flavor isn't quite the same.

          1. Alex- we get labneh from any Lebanese grocery in Calgary. Same thing. Mix it with a drizzle of honey-- heaven!

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              Thanks John. Can you tell me where some of these Lebanese grocery stores are? I tried the yellow pages, but no luck. Do they have obvious "lebanese" names or are they lebanese-owned corner store type places?

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                We get it from Middle Eastern Bakery in Forest Lawn (NE corner of 52nd St and 17th Ave SE, in the ugly strip mall), but really if you go to any middle eastern bakery you'll find it there.

                I agree that there is a kind of Greek yogurt that I used to have in grad school, it was a gyros place that had the most amazing buttery grilled pita and they made their tzatziki with this yogurt, it was almost greasy in its richness.... it's more silky than labneh, but labneh is damn good as a form of strained yogurt.

            2. Alex,
              You must find a Greek imports store to get good Greek yogurt. Where I came from I had to use Middle Eastern yogurt, I usually got a Syrian or Lebanese brand. They get the texture close but the taste is just not the same, not that creamy flavor. Diana Kochilas recommends mixing one cup of strained whole milk yogurt with 1/2 a cup of sour cream. Also, I found a place on line (in the states) and they would ship me the Greek yogurt packed in ice.

              1. Call Parthenon on W Broadway to see if they offer anything similar.

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                  Thanks for the address John, and, E, I will try the Kochilas recipe. It is certainly worth a try since my non-foodie husband would hemorrhage an organ if I had yogurt shipped to me from the US :) Have you tried doing this yourself?

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                    When I lived in Oklahoma I would frequently have wonderful Greek food shipped to me from Parthenon. Yogurt, Greek macaroons, Trahanas, and other specialties. I would not suggest you have an american company ship to you, I would rather try to find a Greek importer in Canada to ship to you. I remember once when I was in VanCouver I found a really great Greek restaurant, the owner was Creten, So there must be a Greek community there, you must try and find a way to get the yogurt, it is so special. I would have dinner parties and serve the strained yogurt with spoon sweets on top and hazelnuts. I got more raves from this simple dessert than any mousse, cake or flan I had ever troubled myself with in the past.

                    Now I live in Greece, and I eat the wonderful yogurt everyday, Fage, Complet, Kris Kris, they are all so good. You do not need Fage to have great Greek yogurt, as long as it is Greek and strained or "Straggisto" you will not be disappointed.

                    Good luck!

                2. Thanks for the responses. I emailed Fage and their official response is that they do not export to Canada due to high duties. I suppose it is still possible that some enterprising stores import it on their own???
                  I'll pop by Parthenon etc this week and see if there are any other interesting products there.

                  1. I LOVE Greek-style yogurt. It beats all the varieties we have here. I'm disappointed that Fage can't be bought here but I have a couple of alternative suggestions. Either Astro Balkan style or, even better, Liberté original are quite close. My Greek father eats the latter by the gallon — with honey of course.

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                      I checked out Parthenon and Minerva and they didn't have any obvious alternatives. I agree Liberty is (so far) the best substitute. I'll try the Astro Balkan too!

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                        Just noticed this board. I buy the pressed yogurt in the deli section at Parthenon and it is the Greek yogurt - very thick and tastes like sour cream. I haven't had Fage, but was looking for it as well as my sister who lives in the US raves about it.

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                          Greek yogurt can often be found at middle eastern groceries--I get mine at Aria Grocery on Bidwell just off Robson (half a block from Capers).

                      2. I have found a great yogurt that is similar to Fage, it is Arvand premium yogurt. I have only been able to get it at the Heights Deli in Burnaby on Hastings near Gilmore on the south side near Home Hardware. It is plain natural yogurt it only has 6% MF but it is very yummy with honey in it, the only ingredients listed are Milk ingredients and 5 active bacterial cultures doesn't get much plainer than that. I found this after my last trip to Greece and it is very very similar to the yogurts there. I hope you like it as much as I do.

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                          We tried that Greek style yogurt when I was down in California.
                          There are several alternatives in Vancouver which are very similar, and yes, we like Arvand. You can get them everywhere. North Vancouver , next to the Capital B restaurant there's a market with them. Also some other small shops down on Robson carry it.

                        2. just returned from a trip to California
                          FAGE is te best yogurt I have ever tasted
                          it is so rich tasting- even the 0 and 2% versions
                          (which is why I came to this forum to see if I can get it in Victoria BC)
                          thanks to all for the helpful tips