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Lunch... something new... BevHills/WeHo

Everything new that I want to try is only open for dinner, but now I've been invited to lunch with some friends. I'd like to throw some ideas out there. I want a newish place, somewhere in Mid-City/Bev Hills/WeHo area. Just central to all of us (me east, them west). Ideas?

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  1. Go to Mozza. Get there just before they open at noon and grab a seat at the bar. Great fun!

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      Wouldn't you know, we've all already been there? I should've stated that. I've also been to BLD and Simon.

    2. Why not try Coupa Cafe on Canon Drive? A wonderful new Venezuelan cafe, nicely appointed and open for lunch.

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        How would you describe Venezuelan food?

      2. I wonder if Izaka-ya is open for lunch.

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            Not yet. I called before I posted yesterday.

          2. Saks Fifth Avenue just opened a small cafe-like place in the store. I have yet to try it though. I suppose it's going the way of Neiman Marcus and Barney Greengrass with the food and shopping.

            1. Try Milk, report back. My Dad loves it.

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                Good rec, but depending on how many friends are coming along, Milk might not have room!

              2. If you're going for lunch with more than 4 people and need quick turnaround, then Milk isn't your best bet because they are SO busy and popular right now and accommodating 4 +people will be tough, except maybe for outside...that being said, it's new, it's hip, it's awesome! and you'll look great for the recommendation.
                You could try Cube on La Brea for panini's, salads and lunch size pasta dishes. If you're going for super casual, down home, you could do the Pig on La Brea also. Both places are open for lunch and can handle more than enough people.
                Bloom Cafe is down on Pico and Sierra Bonita with some AMAZING pizzas, salads and sandwiches. They have a sort of communal table that will seat 6ish and that would also score you points on the 'new and cool' factor.
                Good ole' standby's are, of course, BLD, and Mozza, but Mozza may be tough with more than 4 people. I really like the Larchmont Village area too with a few choices of its own.

                1. You should try this really good chinese restaurant in West Hollywood. Its called Green Tea House Chinese Restaurant. I also work around the area and was tired of eating at the same places. I was referred by a friend and now its my favorite place to go to with my collegues. Their portions are big for the price u pay for, great service, and nice atmosphere. Their delievery service is quick too!