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Feb 26, 2007 05:56 PM

DeVinegarizing Peppers

My wife sent me to the store for some peppers to stuff and being naive at pepper shopping, I came home with a bottle of banana peppers. The label did not say they were pickled, but when we cooked them, they were so obnoxiously vinegary that we ended up eating just the stuffing. Is there any way to wash vinegar out of the peppers, or maybe neutralize it with a mild alkali? We still have half a bottle left.

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  1. It's not going to get it all out but just rinse with water and then soak it some water overnight. I've heard that maybe sugar in the water may help or even milk may work better, but I'm not thoroughly sure.

    1. Since they are pickled, the vinegar is pretty well in there. Rinsing and soaking might tame it a bit. But honestly, is so much effort worth it for a half of a jar? Use them as garnish, in salads, chopped in potato salad or tuna. Chalk it up as a funny mistake and move on.

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        I agree! Use them as what they are, don't try to turn them into something they're not, you won't be happy with the results.

      2. Good question! This is one of the problems I have with roasted red peppers - has anyone tried soaking them in water overnight to get rid of that, tang they have?


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          I'm thinking if the jarred peppers have an off taste, they've probably been in the fridge too long. Throw them out.

        2. Just plain roasted, not pickled? Depends what you mean by "tang." If you mean the smoky flavor, that's what they're all about, so if you don't care for it, why bother making them? Life is too short!

          On the other hand, if you mean they come out tasting too sour or acidic, you may not be using fully ripe peppers. Select really dark red ones that feel very heavy for their size.

          [EDIT] sorry, I meant to put this under Katerina's post just above.

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            I basically mean that the jarred roasted peppers seem to have a jarred flavour to them and don't taste as good as the home roasted ones.. I thought it was a vinegar of some nature, but I guess they aren't pickled. That doesn't really make sense...

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              Could be a preservative of some kind (sodium ascorbate or some such). But I would think that soaking them in water would remove the good flavors as well as the bad.

              I'd suggest trying different brands of preserved ones until you find one you like, or just go without when you don't have the time to make them fresh.

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                Jarred roasted red peppers come both pickled and not pickled. Sometimes it's hard to tell, so check the ingredients. The non-pickled ones are packed in water or brine. Pickled ones are (obv) packed in vinegar.

                The non-pickled ones are not too bad (some brands are better than others), but they're always going to be mushier and less flavorful than freshly home-roasted. I usually use them in recipes where they don't have to be the star player.