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Feb 26, 2007 05:46 PM

Sichuan cold bean-jelly noodles (liang fen)

Love this dish. I try it at every Sichuan restaurant I go to.

Now I have a nice big roll of the noodle material. I'm trying to duplicate the oily red chili sauce that goes on it, but I'm missing the mark somehow. Red chili oil I got. I know there's a good dose of ground Sichuan peppercorn. I know there's usually something sour involved, but I can't figure out whether it's black vinegar or the plain white kind. Garlic? Maybe, but raw, or heated in the oil? Bean paste? Sesame paste? Ginger? Less sure about these.

Anybody out there know what typically goes in this and/or how it's prepared? Multiple recipes welcomed ... I'll try 'em all.

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  1. you'll probably want
    - chli oil
    - ground sichuan peppercorn
    - pixian doubanjiang (郫县豆瓣酱)
    - black mellow vinegar, try Lao Chen Cu or Chinkiang
    - small dash of dark soy sauce
    - depending on where you are, cilantro, scallions or both
    - red pepper flakes in oil
    - also depending on the specific region, you may want a **tiny** amount of water or stock
    - ginger + garlic stir fry it for 20 secs in 1 tsp of peanut oil and add it
    - sugar
    - sesame paste... optional, if you use it, use only a tiny amount

    that's the basic idea of it... try reasonable amounts of each ingredient and work your way from there.

    1. Fuscia Dunlop has a recipe for it in "Land of Plenty".