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Feb 26, 2007 05:32 PM

Looking for Maltex Cereal in Boston Area

Last time, got it at the Brookline Stop and Shop. Went tonight, and they don't have any. Tried to find out if they'll get it again and no one knew (lame). Has anyone seen it anywhere else?

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    1. Wheatena has a store locator, which for the Boston area only lists Shaws and Stop and Shop. At the very least if you find someone competent at the S&S they should be able to order -- did you try a store manager. Or call a store with more selection like South Bay, Allston, etc.

      I have seen Maypo around the Cambridge/Somerville side of the river and maybe Wheatena, but cant recall seeing Maltex.

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      1. re: itaunas

        I too, saw this list. Will have to call Stop & Shop (when I have the strength) and ask them to order it. They paged the grocery manager 3 times but he/she did not answer. Just thought perhaps someone on the list had bought/seen it to save me the trouble of turning this into a project. Quite expensive to buy on Amazon but thank you for checking!

        1. re: bostonhound

          I've seen it at the brookline stop & shop not too long ago (but passed it over at that time--maybe that was a dumb move!!) And not that it actually helps you, but I can sympathize with your experience-- I've never had much luck getting useful answers to questions like this there, either...

          1. re: another_adam

            Have been to several Stop and SHops. The managers said that Maltex is no longer available.

            1. re: bostonhound

              Yeah, I just noticed the same lack in the brookline stop & shop.... :( (no maypo, either)

      2. The manager at my Stop and Shop (N. Quincy) has told me they stopped carrying certain products (eg, Rotel tomatoes, Roland cornichons) which have in fact later been spotted on their shelves.

        IMO they don't know what they are talking about. In fact, the manager didn't know what a cornichon was.

        I have seen Maltex there, so maybe call and see. Or just go there.

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        1. re: C. Hamster

          I have bought Maltex many times at the North Quincy Stop & Shop on Newport Ave Extension. Although I love it (since it reminds me of my childhood), no one else in my family will touch it.

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