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Feb 26, 2007 05:32 PM

Chinese banquet

Does anyone know of a good chinatown restaurant for a banquet?

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  1. Sure. Congee Village/Congee Bowery (both north of the center of Chinatown), the unrelated Congee, and probably (though I haven't been there lately) Harmony Palace. Nice can also do a good banquet. And I've had good banquets at New Yeah Shanghai. Basically, pick any restaurant you like and if they're not super-informal (like the dumpling houses that serve 6/$1 or the Fuzhounese places that give you food on paper or plastic plates), they're likely to do a good banquet. If you need a private room, just stop by and check it out or call them (if there are staff members who speak English OK).

    1. I'd think twice about Congee Bowery. Both times I've been there, the reservation was lost. The food was only OK, nowhere near as good as Allen St., or 98 Bowery.

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        No kidding? I'll see what happens, because I'm having a banquet there this Saturday. I've been to Congee Bowery once so far, and found the food the same as and just as good as the Allen St. location - which is of course way more crowded.

        I guess I'd better call soon to confirm my reservation...

        1. re: Pan

          Congee Bowery was out of control with their reservations tonight! They had my reservation in their book, but we left when we had waited an hour or so and the manager told me he had just seated a table which was reserved 30 minutes before ours. We went to Katz's, instead. The experience really sucked, though of course we eventually had delicious food at Katz's.

      2. Ping's on 22 Mott Street, they specialize in seafood.

        1. 6 Chatham Square dpes a lot of big and small banquets, including the traditional Chinese wedding / birthday/ new baby banquets. They have a lot of pre-set banquet menus, and you can also customize your menu with the manager there. The price there is cheaper than Oriental Garden, and the service is much friendlier. There are less fresh seafood options than Oriental Garden though.