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Feb 26, 2007 05:08 PM

[DFW] Thai Samba Review

Thai Samba took over Tuppee Tong's at Collin Creek Mall.

The food was pretty ordinary. Pad Se Ew (my favorite) had so much meat and broccoli, overshadowing the noodles. $5.99 for lunch with a soup.

Tuppee Tong had the best appetizers of all the Thai restaurants I've been to (incl. some in Bangkok). Their food was less Americanized (less sweet) and maybe that's why they didn't last even for a year... I want Tuppee Tong back :'-(

P.S. The moment we walked into Thai Samba my man said "There's nothing but gringos here." He's a "gringo" himself :-)

Most of them were probably there with coupons (one of them is for a free entree with no purchase necessary). I have some coupons available if anyone wants to pick them up in Richardson. We aren't going back.

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  1. I actually really like Thai Samba (although I am one of the "gringos" you mention above!). My mom and I visit about once a week for lunch and we've always left happy.

    My favorite is the Kee Mow, but we've enjoyed several of the curries and most of the appetizers. I also love the sticky rice with mango and the black rice pudding.

    The two things that we didn't like as much were the spring rolls (I like the corn patties better, and I try to limit my fried dishes) and the roasted duck with pineapple (a bit too sweet).

    The food always seems really fresh and homemade (as opposed to some other places around here where everything resembles something formerly frozen) and it is a great value (can't beat the $6 lunch). I hope it stays open.