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Feb 26, 2007 04:53 PM

tripe dishes in Chinatown?

I'm a big fan of tripe and am thinking of going to C-town on Wednesday for lunch. I've been to lots of places with tripe noodle soup (for example, that NY Noodletown Place -- or whatever it's called -- on Bowery; and that pulled noodle place on Eldridge) but I was wondering if anyone had specific, great ideas for interesting, new preparations of tripe in any particular C-town restaurants.


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  1. Hi, not from C-town, but in Momofuku Ssam Bar, this is a honeycomb tripe dish - delicious!

    1. Well yesterday I had a fabulous sichuan cold tripe and tongue dish at Grand Sichuan in Chelsea...however I have not tried the Ctown branch and have heard some negative things. This was super spicy and looked different than anything I had seen tripe wise-rather than honey comb it was sliced thin-looked like sliced conch. Mild in flavor excellent with the searing hot sauce

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        huge fan of that dish

        dont go to grand sichuan in ctown its mediocre, the st marks branch makes it good as does szechuan gourmet (my favorite sichuan in the city)

      2. world tong in brooklyn has an incredible tripe dish during dim sum: a hearty stew with strips of tender yet chewy tripe, turnips, chunks of ginger, star anise, and no doubt many other spices. it's one of the best things i've had recently, and even my tripe-fearing bf pronounced it very tasty.

        1. I know this is an old thread, but I couldn't help but to chime in with my favorite tripe source - the pushcart guy on the southwest corner of Pike St and East Broadway, next to the Asian supermarket. This guy makes a stewed tripe with some root vegetable, some other organ meat that I cannot identify, and flavored with star anise and 5 spice - extremely tasty, and a 1 pint container costs $2. He also sells fish balls, rice noodle with a made to order sauce that includes sweet soy, peanut, sesame oil, and hot sauce, and other items. He must be a millionaire by now because he is always there, rain or shine or snow, and he always has a line waiting to get food.

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            Thanks for chiming in because I have never heard mention of this vendor before.

            Here's some more tripe:

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              Pike St and East Broadway ... hhhmmm, do I need to know Chinese to order ?