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Feb 26, 2007 04:28 PM

How to bake a chocolate cake for a diabetic?

I want to make a cake for a co-worker who is diabetic. She has requested a chocolate cake. I've seen Splenda posts before. Is that something I can use to make a cake so she can have some?

I'm a good baker but I have never had to make a cake for a diabetic. Help?

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  1. I googled diabetic chocolate cake and a bunch of stuff came up - although I am sure you are looking for actual experience! I had to cook once for a diabetic that was in renal failure. Now that was a trick!

    1. Can she have flour? Total carbs count for someone who's diabetic. Maybe a flourless chocolate cake would be better and you could use splenda. Something like this:

      1. look into nigella lawson's clementine cake with chocolate. I was diabetic when I was pregnanct and I had no trouble with my blood sugar when I ate it. It is made with almond flour, oranges, cocoa powder and eggs (if I remember correctly).

        1. The problem with cake is not just the sugar but the white flour, which turns to sugar as it is metabolized. What a diabetic needs not to do is ingest a hit of sugar and/or white flour as this will cause the blood sugar to peak, a very bad result. Does this person request a chocolate cake? Or would a gift of something else, say for example flowers, be more appropriate? In any case if the person insists on eating cake, a gift of a whole cake is worse than just a piece of cake or a cupcake, if he or she expects to eat the whole cake a piece at a time. The gift of a cake is not a kindness to a diabetic.

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            So I am recently diagnosed as a type two diabetic (three weeks ago). I think your comment is very rude for the person who is trying to do something nice for a co-worker. Our office too celebrates birthdays as a group and the person can choose what they would like. My absolute favorite cake is Chocolate with Chocolate icing. I myself am struggling to give up my favorite, Chocolate!!! (and Dr. Pepper - diet is just not the same.) I was searching for a less evil cake to help to reduce my sugar problem.

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              Just a suggestion--find a low carb dessert cookbook. You can do a search at Amazon, and read the reviews before making a choice. BH&G also has a magazine titled, Diabetic Living which might be of help to you.

              For an easy chocolate fix, have a look at dark chocolate bars. The higher the percentage of cocoa, the lower the effective carbs, if you figure carbs by subtracting fiber from the carb count. Of course you also pay attention to the number of portions per carb count. You aren't going to eat the enitire bar in one day.

              I respectfully disagree with you about Querencia's response. She was simply telling an unfortunate truth.

              I wish you well as you transition to a different way of eating.

          2. Let me add to my previous posting. I see that others have suggested a flourless cake made with Splenda. A German or Austrian torte using ground nuts and eggs instead of flour is another option. Maybe you can work out a torte that uses whole wheat flour instead of white, whole grains metabolize more slowly than refined (to avoid the peaking of blood sugar). A meringue is a possibility if you can make one work with Splenda or some other sugar substitute. Some diabetics can get away with eating cheesecake (fat and protein along with the sugar will mitigate the effect of sugar). But sometimes (and I don't at all know that this is the case here) well-meaning friends take an attitude toward a diabetic of "I am going to give you a treat just this once so, here, have this nice box of fudge". This is not really kind.

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              i agree with querencia. i was insulin dependent diabetic when i was pregnant and if someone even thought of making a diabetes friendly cake for me (like at my shower which they didn't) i would have cried with excitement and also knowing that they actually cared. the sad truth is most diabetics can't have flour/sugar combo. heck i could barely eat fruit never mind sugar! i was ok with bananas, green apples and sour strawberries. i had to give up ALL asian cuisine and i probably would have been able to east sashimi if i weren't pregnant! t did better with flour as long as it wasn't a lot and was fortified with protein like egg. strangely, i did ok eating one kind of pizza from CPK. but on the other hand everyone reacts differently and some people do ok eating one type of foods while others don't. it's a case by case situation but overall all diabetics should avoid high sugar and highly refined foods.

              however, it is her b-day so agree that an almond flour based chocolate cake made with splenda may work well. she will know how much to eat so all you have to worry about is making it.