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Feb 26, 2007 03:56 PM

Best local supermarket eggs

I know there are a ton of posts about farmers market eggs but I don't plan that well often and it is raining out ... so what are your favorite supermarket eggs? And ... do any of the markets carry the fancy-smancy farmers market eggs?

What brought this up was I just made a salad out of Uncle Eddies cage-free eggs.

While I don't think there are significant differences in eggs, Uncle Eddies always make me stop and take notice. The yolks are brighter. I always notice when omeletes in restaurants use these eggs too. And for about $2.50 a dozen ... a real deal. I buy them at Berkeley Bowl.

Others I've tried that don't really seem all that different ..
Clover Organic (forgot where)
Organic Valley (Raley's ... not that much different, but what I buy if I can't get to Berkeley Bowl)
Judie's (Berkeley Bowl)
Chino Farm (Berkeley Bowl ... only note worthy thing is they are cheaper than all the other eggs)

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  1. Last time I bought eggs at Berkeley Bowl (a while ago), I was astounded by the selection of eggs catering to various forms of political correctness (organic, free range, vegetarian feed, etc.). Trader Joe's carries various kinds of eggs, including organic. I think the organic eggs have yellower yolks, too.

    1. We used to have our own chickens out in the country so I know free range eggs. When we moved to civilization I tried every kind they sold at the Bowl. I settled on Humane Harvest as I thought it had the best flavor. But then they stopped having it for a while and I switched to the brown Petuluma at the Monterrey Market for $1.83 or something like that. They are pretty good.

      1. Judy's and Uncle Eddie's are great. Rainbow used to carry the eggs from Eatwell Farms (3 Hens or something like that), but I don't know if they still do. Nothing, and I do mean nothing can compare to Marin Sun Farm's eggs. I have purchased them at their shop in Point Reyes, but most often at the Sat. Ferry Plaza Market. There is always a line early because they sell out. And at $8 a dozen, they are expensive, but I always say I'd probably pay whatever they charge just to get to eat those beautiful, orange-yolked eggs.

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          $8 a dozen! They used to be $6! I miss them though, and would pay whatever they are asking if I saw them anywhere again.. Bi-Rite and Rainbow haven't had them for months.

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            They were $6 a dozen until this winter. I think the chickens produce less in the winter. Whatever... they are still awesome.

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              I absolutely love Marin Sun Farms eggs. I tried them on a lark, not thinking that there was a difference in egg quality, and was surprised to find that they actually were different--rich, bright orange yolk and much fluffier when whipped.

              In the winter the hens produce less and they have a certain quantity promised to their existing clients. The extras they sell at the Ferry Building, but they sell out early. If I'm sure I want them, I arrive before 8.

              Probably in the spring or summer egg production will be up and they'll revert to selling more at the markets and to their traditional stores. Usually I can find them at Bi-rite in my neighborhood, but they can sell out there as well.

        2. I like Tacherra eggs. I switch between them and the Marin Sun Farms. But I get them at the Good Earth, and right now the Marin Sun Farms aren't available. They were the same price when they were both available, about six bucks.

          1. Here's the 2004 article from the SF Chron from 2004 with a useful rundown of all the local mainstream egg producers:


            I buy the Rock Island fertile eggs, because I like to support Petaluma Poultry and because I find Judy's and Uncle Eddie's shells can be thin and shatter when I crack them. Also because I'm guessing that there isn't a heck of a lot of difference between all the "features" such as cage-free vs. free-range, veg-fed vs. organic, in their operation. And because it's nice to think of the hens having roosters around.

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              My vote goes to Rock Island eggs too. And we have tried all the organic, cage free, etc etc brands.