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Feb 26, 2007 03:52 PM

SLO Old Country Deli Closure

The Old Country Deli and Sausage supplier will close on Wednesday
February 28, 2007. They continue to have a good supply on hand .
They plan to relocate and have their products available by order.
Stop by and get your sausages soon. It will be months before they reopen.

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  1. Man, my heart squeezed all up when I saw that title. And I'm a vegetarian LOL. They really could use more space and a parking spot or three.

    1. So they are just closing temporarily? As long as they aren't closing for good I can deal with that :). Do you know where they are relocating to? Are they staying in SLO?

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      1. re: mliew

        They have not yet found a suitable location that they can announce,
        but they will be located in the SLO area. Not Downtown per Norm.
        May not know for 3-4 months.

      2. Hey Bruce, any updates on the status of OCD in SLO? As far as I have heard they still aren't open for business at any location yet.

        Meanwhile I'm still looking for a suitable alternative to get Santa Maria BBQ in the SLO area. Specifically for beef ribs. It seems like the only time you can find them now is during farmers market. Nobody does them everyday like OCD used to.

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        1. re: mliew

          SMSBBQ is only sirloin or tri tip. Do you mean ribs "cooked outdoors over a grill"? Alex's in Pismo does ribs over an open flame but the pit is indoors. Jocko's (Nipomo) has ribs done outdoors over oak for dinner service. Don't know of any other permanent location.

          Southern style BBQ (smoked) is now available at Le Beouf's in Atascadero, or Rancho Nipomo, near 101 and 166 interchange.

        2. Do you have their email address where I can contact them to order their spices?

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          1. re: rgomez


            they list an email address, and say their spices are available at the Crushed Grape in SLO.

            1. re: butterbutt

              sorry for the abbreviation or shorthand (one of my chowhound bugaboos, too)San Luis Obispo--pronounced ess el oh