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Feb 26, 2007 03:32 PM

Can you help me in "West" Houston?

Geetings! I'm in Houston this week for work. We're near I-10 (Katy freeway) & 6. Not much around here. Can someone please suggest some good eats or places worth going to in the vicinity. We have a car so driving is not a problem. Not crazy about Mexican food. Willing to drive up to twenty miles or more if it's worth it..

Most of the previous tips are old now. Many thanks to all for your help.

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  1. Capt. Tom's on I-10 at the Mason Rd. exit I think - faux shrimp boat on the EB frontage road. Oysters on the half shell, cold boiled shrimp, fried oysters and shrimp, catfish (whole butterflied), gumbo and more. Excellent.

    Original Marini's Empanada House on S. Mason @ Westheimer Pkwy - Houston's oldest S. American eatery - Argentinian empanadas and sandwiches. Excellent.


    Along S. Mason you will pass a Hinze's BBQ. The original in Wharton is one of the best bbq places in SE Texas but I've never eaten at that location.

    Candelari's Pizza on S. Fry. A new location; I've never been there. Sad to say this place (older locations) seem to have gone downhill but worth a try, perhaps.

    Empire Turkish Grill on Memorial inside SH 6. I've never eaten here but have eaten at the same owner's Istanbul Grill in the Village and it's very good. This place looks much more upscale.

    Houston BBQ on S. Eldridge south of Memorial is by the folks who originally started Luling City Market, one of the better q joints in town (Galleria area). I've never eaten at the newer facility but it's supposed to be very much like LCM.

    Edit: just noticed there is a Dimassi's Mediterranean Buffet on I-10 between 6 and Beltway 8 - this would be excellent for lunch.

    1. Try Bistro Le Cep 11112 Westheimer, for very good french food.

      1. BYOB with excellent food called La Vista at Memorial near the Sam Houston Tollway (about 5-6 miles). I have not been to this location but I'm a big fan of the original location on Fountainview.
        Here is the website:

        1. Where are you from and what kind of food are you looking for? Are you looking for something you can't get where you live already? The culinary scene in Houston is strongly influenced by Vietnamese, Cajun, BBQ, Seafood, and Steaks.

          1. When we lived out near Hwy 6 we enjoyed Brother's Pizza near the Sam's at I-10.
            Cafe Caspian at 12126 Westheimer is good for Persian.
            Cafe Red Onion ( is close too and they have good South America food (not traditional Mexican or Tex-Mex).

            It really depends on what you DO like.