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Feb 26, 2007 03:28 PM

Pre-Pantages -Hollywood & Vine Bistro?

We are going to see Wicked on Saturday night and I have narrowed my choices to Hollywood & Vine or Hungry Cat. I have been to Hungry Cat but after researching I can't seem to find any recs on what to order a Hollywood & Vine. Anyone have any thoughts on good menu choices?

Or do you have any other restaurants to suggest around the Pantages. I have already ruled out Musso & Franks (don't want steak) , Eat. On Sunset (mixed reviews) , The Bowery (too casual) and Magnolia (mixed reviews).

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Going to see Wicked this Thursday. H & V never did it for me, so we are going to eat elsewhere, and maybe stop in for drinks pre-show.

    Too bad. The "boulevard" really needs to grow some choices. Maybe more theatres will do it. Big developments a'comin', or so I hear.

    1. Try eating a Hollywood and Highland...they have a free shuttle that will take you if you eat at one of their restaurants.

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        Any specific suggestions? We are getting sort of dressed up and I don't want to eat somewhere casual. I have always thought of H&H as a mall location and thats not really what we are looking for.

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        1. Spouse and I like Vert - the Puck bistro at H&H.

          1. Off Vine--very homey, does a big Pantages pre-theatre, but gets mixed reviews. I've liked it the few times I've been, but it's been over a year.