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Good Hot Buffalo Wings in Westchester or Putnam?

I'm looking for a good, hot, spicy buffalo wing fix in Westchester. I don't enjoy the flavors of Planet Wings, so that's out, and Buffalo Wild Wings hasn't impressed me. A past post for good wings in lower Westchester suggested Candlelight Inn in Scarsdale, which I will try soon. But I'm open to suggestions throughout all of Westchester County, and in Putnam County as well. Whether it's a sitdown resturant or a chain, I don't care, as long as it's good and the flavors are rich with a good amount of heat! Thanks for any suggestions you might be able to provide.

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  1. I've seen numerous positive posts re: Candlelight's wings on several different threads over time. There must be something to it but haven't made it there yet so if you go I'd love to hear your thoughts.

    Haven't had any wings elsewhere up here that are good enough to talk about with the exception of the totally non-buffalo style smoked large chicken wings at Q in Port Chester. They are incredibly delicious and tender but not of the hot buffalo variety you're seeking.

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      I went to Candlelight Inn tonight...didn't expect that I would go so soon, but it worked out! Got seated without a wait, which was a nice surprise...another thread had warned that there was always a wait, no matter which night you went. I ordered the Extra Hot wings. They were delicious! Crispy with just the right amount of sauce, and a flavor that I love. The price is great too. Next time I might try the Chernobyl flavor...probably wouldn't be able to eat them all like I did with the Extra Hot, but I love a spicy food challenge. :) The onion rings were also good. I liked the casual atmosphere, and if it was closer to my house I'd probably be there often, eating wings and drinking...open till 3 AM!

      So, Candlelight certainly is a great find, thanks. Although I'd love to hear still more suggestions for good wings, you can never have too many good wing places! I'll have to look into Kelly's and The Firehouse next.

    2. sorry to repeat, but... candlelight- yes, yes, yes!!! best wings.

      1. Kelly's and The Firehouse, both in Peekskill...

        1. I know this is kind of heresy, but I've had really good wings the last couple of times at Applebee's. Very large, and a good spicy sauce. Sadly, you might just as easily get small wings without much sauce.

          There's a place by the name of So Dam Hot in Valhalla that was supposed to have really good wings, but I was not impressed when I tried them a few years ago.

          Is there anyplace that does good peanut wings? Those seem to be popular up in Albany, and they're really tasty.

          1. Best wings= Lazy Boy Saloon on Mamaroneck ave in WP. They are always on point. They also have close to 500 varieties of beer to choose from!

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              Just looked at the beer list! (And the menu.) Wow. I am so there, as soon as possible.

              MisterBill2, they list Thai-spiced peanut wings as one of the flavors available...so maybe you should try Lazy Boy Saloon as well! :)

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                I'll meet you there :-).

                I actually ate at Lazy Boy a few years ago with a bunch of co-workers. I think we just got the regular buffalo wings. As I recall, they were rather small-ish.

            2. I've eaten wings at the Candlelight and Lazy Boy Saloon many times. I used to hang out at both places a lot. I think that LBS's wings are much better than the Candlelights. Plus they have real beer at LBS, and tons of it.

              1. Okay, I've now also tried Lazy Boy Saloon's wings, and I prefer Candlelight's. I didn't think there was enough sauce on LBS's, and they were a bit too crispy for my liking. But I would go back and perhaps try a different flavor, plus the beer selection is unbeatable! But as far as spiciness and flavor, I'll stick with Candlelight for now!

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                  I reallly enjoy the wings at Justin Thyme in Croton on Hudson, they are just the way I like them, but I like them crispy, of course I ordered them extra crispy so not sure if that's how they normally come. They also have have some nice specialty martinis there and it's a very relaxed casual atmosphere.

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                    Best Wings....Uncle Henry's in Harrison

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                      I love Candlelight's wings. They use a garlicy buttery sauce that I love. I suddenly have a craving for wings. I guess I'm going to have to try the wings at Chef Carl's in Harrison today. :)

                2. Best wings i've ever had were at The Beechmont Tavern in New Rochelle .. go on a monday night, they have 35 cent wing specials starting at 8:30! Everytime I have hot wings I always compare them to these..

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                    Given the several newer threads here in GH; including this one:
                    just how did a two year old thread get back to the top of the board ;>D

                  2. so dam hot in valhalla makes very good wings. small sit-down luncheonette that makes them when you order so you need to wait, but still the best around, also good hot dogs,fries, chili and burgers,(that's also about all they make)

                    1. I am from Vancouver Canada but I am constantly in Westchester visiting my girlfriend and everytime I am there I make her take me to candle light I love that place so much its absurd. They are the best wings I have had in any restaurant ever with the exception of this one hotel bar in some piece of shit part of Alberta. Candlelight is incredible.

                      1. The wings at the Tap House in Tuckahoe were great - two or three times the size of something you'd find at BW3s or Candlelight. Great sauce, and the blue cheese was fresh and clean. Definitely recommend checking it out - only complaint is that there weren't different levels of heat, could have gone with something slightly hotter.

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                          the wings at the blazers pub (along with the burger) in purdy's are my favorite. better than candlelight in my opinion.

                        2. The wings at Blazers Pub in Purdys are purdy tasty, IMO. Great vibe too.

                          1. McGuire's on Main in Cold Spring has amazing wings! I think their website is www.Mcguiresonmain.com

                            1. We had great wings-- though not that spicy, I imagine you can ask for hotter-- at Tavern in Garrison!

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                                Tavern at Croton Landing (weekly "Wing Fest" nights) was featured in NY Times Sunday Westchester section on 11/1. Haven't eaten their wings, but other food is quality.


                              2. Firehouse Grill in Peekskill- I am from Buffalo, and very picky!