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Feb 26, 2007 02:59 PM

BYOB at Gary Danko?

Anyone bring their own wine to GD, any stories or experiences or tips to share? I have a 1991 Palmer that I'd like to open and since I don't cook I figure dinner at GD would be a good excuse to open it up.

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    1. They charge corkage . . . or not. But you're certainly free to BYO there, and they won't hassle you for it.

      1. Last time I was at GD, I brought an old Gaja Barbaresco and ordered a relatively expensive white from their list -- they did not charge me a corkage...

        1. If you bring a '91 Palmer to Gary Danko, the sommelier(s) will probably hope to taste it (before they toss you out for not bringing a '90).

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            Hey Tony, 89 over 90 Palmer any day. (g)

          2. I've BYOB to Gary Danko but in my case, I also bought something off their list AND offered a taste to both the sommelier and my waiter. The corkage was waived in that regard...