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The "New" Icon Remains After Viewing

A new glitch: the "new" icon remains after viewing the new posts in a thread. This seems to be something that developed only in the past hour or so.

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  1. I came to this site to report the same issue. You need to hit the refresh icon on Explorer to eliminate the "new" button. Just happened this evening

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    1. re: jfood

      Do you have to hit refresh every time you read a post? What a pain.

      1. re: jfood

        I just came to report the same thing - and having to hit refresh is a HUGE PITA! Looks like taking away the white/cream background has caused a few more problems to surface, like this one!

      2. An additional problem. After posting a reply on a thread, when you click "Back" to return to the same board, not only does the "new" icon not disappear, the thread just posted on remains in exactly the same spot (with the "new" icon still in place) instead of going to the top of the page. You have to click "Boards" to get back to the main page, then click on the board you were just on, at which point, the thread on which you just posted is now at or near the top, and the "new" icon has disappeared.

        To say the least, this is a *very* cumbersome and time-consuming way to operate the site.

        Hopefully, the technical crew is at work and will straighten out these glitches asap.

        Edited to add: Indication of the new reply with your screen name does not appear until you go through all the motions to get the thread to the top of page.

        1. Those aren't glitches. When you click the back button, your browser will serve you the previous page as it was when you viewed it last so it loads almost instantaneously.

          In order to see the 'fresh' version of the boards page, you can click the board link at the top or bottom of any post, or you can hit refresh.

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          1. re: Engineering

            Come on guys. This is a change from the way it has been since The Release.

            Please do not treat us like idiots when you have done something to the code that has created a change and tell us this gobbledy-goop (that's a technical term).

            1. re: Engineering

              clicking the board link does NOT update the page!! This has been happening since you took thde one color theme off. The only way I can get the board link to update is to reclick on the color theme!!!!!

              1. re: Engineering

                In order to see the 'fresh' version of the boards page, you can click the board link at the top or bottom of any post, or you can hit refresh.
                Folks, from the inception of this new format, the "NEW" icon went away after I read the post and hit the back button to get back to the list of topics. Now, it just stays there.

                So as jfood says, something in a programming code change has caused this issue. He's right - please don't treat us like children who don't know what we're talking about. We're the users who have been using this and previous formats for a *long* time, so I'd think we know what was happening just a day or two ago has now changed.

                Please don't make this a "new improved addition" by forcing us to click the Board link or refresh button - because it's not an improvement.

                1. re: Engineering

                  I've also been experiencing this problem with IE7. I deleted the cookie and re-logged back on and the problem continues. This problem seems to be associated with IE users. I've also used Firefox 2.0 and the back button has always behaved as you say, without refreshing. But IE7 (not sure about IE6) seemed to have an auto-refresh feature that refreshed the screen everytime the back button is used. This was primarily the reason why I converted back to IE to view chowhound. Since this seems to be an issue with IE users, it could be a result of the latest updates from microsoft. Either way, I think it's best to run tests on the site's behavior to understand the end-user's issues.

                2. When I saw Engineering's post that this was the way it was meant to be, I was absolutely incredulous. It needs to be fixed and soon - it's driving me crazy and clearly I'm not alone.

                  1. I'm truly glad to see that others are having the same reaction as I've had. As I mentioned on another thread, this is the first time I've ever complained about a technical problem. Previously, I've remained a good Chowhound soldier. I've pretty much taken every change in stride, adjusting and re-adjusting as needed. This situation, however, is the straw that has broken the proverbial camel's back.

                    To have the Tech crew treat us like a bunch of dolts who don't know what we're talking about and, as far as I'm concerned, lie by insisting this isn't a major glitch (or change in some code, if you prefer) is thoroughly insulting!

                    1. As a first step, please delete your cookies and check the site again to see if the problem still exists.

                      In the future it would be helpful if someone posted a screenshot showing the problem, because it sounds like it's more than just an issue of the icon not disppearing.

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                      1. re: Engineering

                        I deleted my cookies; didn't change a thing. Yes the site has *definately* changed as of yesterday. The other difference (in addition to the "new" not disappearing once you've read a post) is that when I click on my bookmark for, say, home cooking, it shows me the last time I looked, not what's happened in the meantime. I have to press "refresh" to see what's new. This is really annoying, and quite different from the old behavior. Also, though I can't exactly pinpoint how and when, but I often seem to be opening up posts I've read many of the items in, and they are expanded rather than minimized.

                        1. re: DGresh

                          I'm having the exact same problem, using IE6.

                          1. re: MMRuth

                            Me too. I was on IE7 a few weeks ago for a week or so and CH was working fine during that time, but IE7 kept making my computer crash so I reverted to IE6.

                            1. re: MMRuth

                              Yes. Engineering - this is a new glitch that just. It worked fine before this week.

                        2. Posted over on Site Talk:

                          My end user experience -- When I log onto CH, first thing I do is check my Chow to see if anyone has chimed in on a thread I'm interested in. I'm accustomed to reading thru the "new" entries (marked by the NEW icon) and then returning to the my Chow page to see the "new" icon is no longer next to those threads I've read thru. I can then see what I've read and quickly scan others I'd like to read. All of a sudden, the "new" icon wont go away even after I read all the new entries in the thread. I'm logged in. What's going on?

                          1. I'm having the same issue on Firefox 2 on OSX (mac). The "new" icon still appears on posts that I've already read. I click on the post, thinking there's something new, but it's just the same stuff.

                            This isn't happening on my chow -- just on the main boards. This started happening today as far as I can tell.

                            It actually appears to be some kind of caching issue, since the text on the right also says that someone posted X minutes ago when in reality the post appeared hours ago.

                            Hitting refresh, clearing cookies and clearing cache does not repair the problem so I'm thinking it's server, not client-side.

                            1. When I used to come to Chowhound (prior to this latest "upgrade/removal of the vanilla theme" decision), and I was reading a board, I would read a thread and then hit the "Back" button. Just like many of the folks upthread. And, like many of the aforementioned folks, now when I hit the "Back" button, the board listing does not reflect the fact that the thread has been read (still showing "New" posts).

                              I have tried the "Click on the Board Title" option, to return to the board, which does, in fact, take care of the thread now no longer having a "New" marker. However, there are several issues with this process.

                              1 - If I am reading on the second (or further) page of threads on a board, clicking on the board's title takes me back to the first page and I then I have to move forward in the pages, scrolling through each one, to figure-out where I'd left off reading, which is extremely frustrating.

                              2 - Prior to this latest "fix," when I hit the Back button, it would return me to the precise point on the board list of threads and I could navigate from there (whether reading down or up). Now, by clicking on the board's title, I am taken to the top of the first page and (like in my #1 point), I have to scroll down and try to remember where I'd left-off reading (since I don't read all of the threads).

                              3 - It is especially frustrating on the longer threads to have to scroll back to the top of the page to reach the board's title link.

                              I'm a regular member of several communities similar to CH (as far as threads/boards, etc.) - in each of those cases, clicking the "Back" button returns me to the same point on the list of threads but it also shows what threads have/have not been read (the equivalent of the "New" button showing that there's unread postings in a thread on CH).

                              This is not an issue of IE6 or IE7 or other browsers - a change was made in the CH/Chow coding resulting in this problem.

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                              1. re: ElsieDee

                                I'm a regular member of several communities similar to CH (as far as threads/boards, etc.) - in each of those cases, clicking the "Back" button returns me to the same point on the list of threads but it also shows what threads have/have not been read (the equivalent of the "New" button showing that there's unread postings in a thread on CH).

                                This is not an issue of IE6 or IE7 or other browsers - a change was made in the CH/Chow coding resulting in this problem.

                                Elsie, thank you for confirming that we're not going crazy - that this worked on other message boards as well, prior to the Vanilla theme being removed (seems that the removal of Vanilla caused this to fail). Does clicking the back button on your browser STILL allow those other message boards to mark-read those threads you've just read ?

                                1. re: ElsieDee

                                  ElsieDee, What you describe in #1 is a problem even on the first page of a board, i.e., no matter how far down the board the thread you are reading or posting on happens to be, when you click "Return to xxxx Board," you are sent back to the very top of the board.

                                  1. re: ElsieDee

                                    Thanks for the hint about clicking on the Board Title. I tried it and, yes, it works! I wish they would fix it the old way, but at least I can keep track of what I've read.

                                  2. This problem is really awful, and undercuts the whole purpose of the "my recent posts" view and "NEW" icon. I mean, I rely on that icon to tell me whether Ive read the post or not, and on its disappearing once Ive read and work my way through the ones marked that way. If they dont disappear, I have to think too hard, and refreshing the view is extremely cumbersome. Please fix this. PLEASE.

                                    1. So, Robert is right -- there's no way to make an image disappear when using the back button because your browser is just reloading what it last saw in the cache -- there's no new request to the server. This is the way it SHOULD work, because otherwise it would be slow and annoying.

                                      On the other hand, seeing the "new" icon is also very annoying and inaccurate -- how about stepping back and coming up with a new way to differentiate new and old posts that would work better with real-world browser use? For example, you could use CSS to make viewed posts a different color / weight.

                                        1. The problem seems to be fixed, at least for me. Today when I use back button to return to my Chow, the new icon is gone for the thread I just read. I don't understand the Engineering team's explanations of all of this, I'm just saying that it seems to work like it did before the vanilla "upgrade".

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                                          1. re: yumyum

                                            Yes! Engineering addressed it and fixed it (post below).


                                            Very happy about it, especially since a previous poster said "Robert is right -- there's no way to make an image disappear when using the back button". Ummm. okay.

                                            1. re: Rubee

                                              Your browser must be performing a refresh when you hit back, which isn't typical browser behavior -- there's no way to remove an image without a refresh. okay?

                                              1. re: oolah

                                                Sorry - didn't mean for you to take that personally!

                                                Just commenting on how this thread was started because of 'Hounds who noticed the change the day it happened (that it was actually a function that worked until February 26th, and Engineering has now fixed this). Couldn't figure out why others were posting on the thread, trying to convince us that this wasn't a change from the way it was before.

                                                1. re: Rubee


                                                  You are correct. The page would refresh with the back button before the white-out relaunch. Then engineering tweeked something and it went back to pre white-out. What's also interesting is the latest release (that "fixed" the back issue) is that the white-out fix brought you to the previous state. Now it also refreshed the Current Posts where the white-out release did not.

                                                  1. re: Rubee

                                                    And I shouldn't have taken it personally. I shouldn't post before I have my coffee :)

                                                    Anyway, I'm glad it's working correctly for you now -- it's still showing the inaccurate image on my browser. Oh well.

                                            2. I still get the new icon when I use the back button on FireFox 2, OS X, and as far as I know, there's no way to get rid of it without refreshing the page.

                                              This is, BTW, not a change from the way it was before, or from how it works on any other site, at least on my computer. It's expected behavior.

                                              However, it would still be nice if the UI team came up with a different solution than an image -- browsers have a built in function to show when things are read or not read. Why not make use of it?

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                                              1. re: oolah

                                                I never got a refresh (that is, updated New flags) after using Back in IE6 or IE7 until yesterday, after Engineering rolled out the "fix" for that issue.

                                                Firefox still restores the unchanged boards page from cache as expected.

                                                I think they must be checking the browser and using a Javascript history.go() or something like that to refresh.