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Feb 26, 2007 02:50 PM

Red Tomato

I have now enjoyed the fare at the Red Tomato on King St. W. a few times.
In the King St. w area, it is a favourite of the locals and those that are looking for a place that has "something for everyone".
Well worth checking out.
The happy hour is a good time to "audition" the full menu.


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  1. Can you elaborate more on the happy hour menu, ie what you had and how you liked it? Were portions decent, and how were prices? I see their menu it is very Chinese-styled .... is that how it is?

    1. The happy hour menu is most of the regular menu items at 30% off.
      If it had opened recently it would have been called a tapas restaurant (or "social dining"). Some of the spicing is Asian, but I wouldn't call it Asian-styled.
      If I'm hungry on a Sunday afternoon/evening, it's my go-to place downtown (e.g. after anything at convention centre) as the happy hour is all evening on Sunday.
      And definitely try the lobster soup.

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          Dear Abbey,

          Here's the answer to your next question ;)



          1. re: HarryLloyd

            haha thanks... I have read their menu and looked at their website, I just wasnt sure if those menu items were the happy hour prices or the regular

            1. re: hungryabbey

              I think the prices are the regular ones - I'm sure they are higher than we paid last time.

        2. re: estufarian

          Exactly. It is a comfortable place, good staff and a place where you can have some conversation in either a group setting, or one on one.

        3. I love this place, and Avalon, just down the road.

          Great food and great atmosphere.

          1. what have you guys tried here? I think Im going to check it out tomorrow since its happy hour all night

            1. Hm. A contrarian perspective, for the record: I think RT's dreadful; surprised you-all like it. They have good cocktails and few good soups but beyond that it's okay at best IMO. It's true there's not much in that area but I'd pick even Kit Kat over RT, any day.

              And Avalon shut down over a year ago.

              Maybe I'm on crack; this thread really surprised me :-/