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Feb 26, 2007 02:50 PM

Garlic Crab in Honolulu

Hey Hawaii Chowhounds! Where's the best restaurant for garlic crab? Not high end restaurants.

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  1. Sorry, Stevo, don't know of anyplace that does it well...wish I did!

    1. There is a "hole in the wall" place in Kapalama called "The Crab Tank" in the "city center" (the old Kapalama Gem's). You might want to check it out. I haven't had the crab, but they do a great job on shrimp. They are not open late (7pm??) and are definitely not "high end", but the people who work there are always friendly and helpful and the place is clean.

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        KaimukiMan is right...the Crab Tank does have garlic crab on the menu, but since they don't open until 12 noon (!) I missed out on trying it the other day, but will try again now that I know their noon-7pm sked. Their menu is heavy on blue crab, Maryland, Louisiana, and Garlic styles. They feature shrimp as mentioned above. Also, they have live and frozen shelfish...they are in the alley of the two short stripmalls behind the main parking lot of "Old Gem's"...1284 Kalani St # 100-D. 841-5059.