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Feb 26, 2007 02:44 PM

Dress Attire - Colline Emiliane

My summer Rome itinerary has us eating at Colline Emiliane just off the Barberini metro stop after a day at the Vatican, Spanish steps and Borghese Park. My question is does this restaurant have a dress code or will it be a problem walking in with casual tourist clothing? I've only seen one indication that this might be a problem...every other mention doesn't speak of a dress requirement.

Do most restaurants have a similar expectation?

Anybody been to Colline Emiliane recently?

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  1. I was there last Saturday. My mother and I just had on sweaters and black pants. I don't seem to remember seeing anyone really dressed up, I think you will be fine. Also, travelling in Rome in the summer, it is so hot that most people really dress pretty casually. I always wore the same thing all day sightseeing and going to dinner.

    1. Outstanding! nice to hear from an eye witness. I did read your post on another topic about your visit. Where did you eat on Sunday lunch or dinner?

      I'm trying to find a place within walking distance from the Coliseum or Caracala that's open on a Sunday...any recommendations? I'm considering hiking up to Cavour 313, assuming its open on Sunday afternoon. Just don't want to get stuck on a Sunday afternoon.

      1. We enjoyed DaGiggetto enormously ourselves, in the Jewish Ghetto. I have read vaying reviews here, but we were there about 3 weeks ago for an excellent lunch. They are open Sunday.

        1. Sunday lunch we had at Gina, right by the Spanish steps.
          Dinner we ate at Margutta Ristor'arte (vegetarian restaurant, but extremely gourmet) on via Margutta. Both we loved, and are easy to get to via subway.

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            Pepoling...I did come across Gina in my research and we're planning to eat there before heading into Borghese...perhaps a picnic...was it to your satisfaction?

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              Yes, we loved it. The portions are generous and the food is of high quality. We enjoyed a buffalo mozzerella and tomato sandwich, and a salad with ham and parmesan cheese. The menu is huge so there is a lot to choose from. The desserts are also to die for - try the apple tart/cake thing - it's amazing.

          2. youve gotten several responses - all I will add is that something like "business casual" will generally work fine in Rome city restaurants; athletic clothing, tees, fleece, shorts, etc are less in keeping except in informal places, pizzerias, etc. Many of the restaurants in the "centro" are business and celebratory restaurants for Italians. A blazer, a sweater, a decent shirt - all will help a man blend in.