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Feb 26, 2007 02:36 PM

Twist-Hyde Park,N.Y.

Wow, the posters who recommended this place were spot on. Great Food, Great Service, and a number of great value and interesting wines in the $20-$30 a bottle price point. Will
return the next time we are in NY.

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  1. Thanks for posting this.. I REALLY have to get there!

    1. Glad you liked it!! Did you try any of their desserts? I think their bread pudding is pretty darn good, and I don't even like bread pudding that much!!

      Very decent wine list as well. When we went a couple of weeks ago, the owner/wife said she was working on a new list, but let us order from that list. We were very happey with our choice!

      The only two complaints I have about this place are: 1)wish they could offer more entree choices & 2) the puff pastry thingy is always too salty. Other than that, I'm pretty content.

      1. Where is it? We stopped in Hyde Park today and Rhinebeck (had lunch at old standby-Gigi Trattoria), but am not familiar with this place.

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          It's in the strip mall in front of the Amish Market supermarket (used to be Grand Union). A few miles south of where you were.

        2. we stopped there for dinner last night - i had the duck dish from their website ( and a special lobster/crab appetizer, both of which were real good. my wife had the strip steak and everything as her part of the main meal was real good as well.

          the only things: she wasn't impressed with the salad she got for the price, and wished there were more choices on the main menu (she can't eat fish products and doesn't eat lamb which left 1 chicken, 1 duck and 3 red meats). so to go back, she'll have to be in a mood for one of those.

          we couldn't have dessert - kids with us...

          (edit: we actually all liked the twists. unfortunately, my wife and i got very little of them because our kids were all over them and it kept them reasonably quiet).

          however, it's better to have a small menu that's good and consistent than a large one which is neither.

          1. Thanks! Will check it out- will be at CIA next week for dining and there two weeks at the end of the month for courses, but it will still be possible to go check out the restaurant for the future.