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Good Chicken Take Out

I'm going through KooKooRoo withdrawl!
I know, it's sad.

But El Pollo Loco Doesn't do it for me. Especially not their sides.

can anyone recommend a good Rotisserie (preferred) Chicken place in or around the Long Beach area?

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  1. Costco is pretty good
    Pavilions does a pretty good version also
    California Chicken Cafe is awesome but not sure if there is a location in LB

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      I agree on the Costco... vons etc, but I'm eating for 1 and would rather find a place where I can get just 1/4 or 1/2 chicken and sides.... like KKR. Otherwise, a lot of food goes to waste.

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        Though, cooking only for myself, I grab a chicken from the store and after having straight roast chicken for one meal, there are a multitude of ways to prepare it, so it isn't the same ol' chicken: quesadillas, tacos/burritos, rice, soups, casseroles, cream or tomato sauce over pasta, samdwiches, frittata - lots of possibilities.

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          I also agree on Costco's rotisserie chicken. I just had it last night. It is really good and juicy.

    2. Charo chicken is a lot like El Pollo Loco ..... the only other that comes to mind is Boston Market

      1. Oddly, one of my favorite roast chickens is from Ralph's. very flavorful and moist.

        Gelson's is pretty good too; I like the Garlic Rotisserie breasts they do as well.

        1. Costco is good.

          Juan Pollo is best but there isn't one in LBC. One can hope...

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            There is one on Beach a few miles north of the 22 on the east side.

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              It's on Beach and Ball (ha! ha! oy, Gottenyu).

              That said, there's a place on State College and La Palma that's much, much better... and I don't think it actually has a name, it just says "ROTISSERIE CHICKEN". I sucked the bones and gnawed the cartilage... literally.

              Neither of these is very close to Long Beach.

          2. Slavko's in San Pedro. Just have to go over the bridge.

            excellent chicken

            1. Forgot..... there's Chicken Dijon, where the Tower Records used to be.

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                in the In the WOW center? That's the closest mentioned so far... my mouth is already watering. Thank you.

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                  i tried this place this week (finally) and it was really good. Their babaganoush was more blended and more Garlic-y than I tend to like... but I still scarfed it down.
                  Thanks for the tip!

                2. I like Zankou Chicken in Pasadena, I think they have other locations too. ALso everyone on this board raves about Dino's, there are 2 locations now, one in LA one in Azusa.

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                    Re: Dino's, there are at least 3 in L.A. plus the newer 1 in Azusa.

                  2. I prefer Charo Chicken over El Pollo Loco. I haven't had it yet, but I was in Bristol Farms and they also have some there. It was selling out fast.

                    1. Wherever you get your takeout chicken, be sure to ask them to cut it in quarters . Much easier to serve and eat, Vicente Foods is very nice about doing this.

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                          Vicente Foods is at San Vicente and Bundy in Brentwood. Their meat department is great and they have butchers who will be happy to order specialty cuts. The roast chicken, which I ask to have quartered is in the Deli.

                      1. Whole Foods sells half chickens

                          1. King Taco is being built on Long Beach Blvd and they has good Rotisserie, Charro Chicken in Seal Beach is better then El Polo and there sides are much better the El Polo.

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                              There is also a Charo in Long Beach by the Traffic Circle

                            2. Take a drive down PCH to Corona Del Mar, and you will find one of the most succulent Rotisserie Chickens you have ever tasted. Very gourmet and a bit pricey, Bandera displays a huge rack of chickens in a giant fire pit as you drive by. They sell lots of these chickens as take-out, so you can usually find a quick parking spot for 10 minutes if the restaurant itself is packed (which is quite often). Well worth the trip!!!

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                                I've never been to Koo Koo Roo or California Chicken Cafe - are they actually any good, and what's the thing on their menu that they're best known for? Just wondering - I pass by these two establishments nearly every day on Wilshire, but have never had a particularly need or hankering to check 'em out - although I will if they're good and reasonably priced. (Easier said than done on the Westside, as you know.)