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Feb 26, 2007 02:30 PM

Casa Bianca Pizza Pie review with pics

I know Chowhounds are divided on Casa Bianca. Well, I happen to love Casa Bianca, and was very proud and pleased to take my parents there for the first time the other night. We did have to wait an hour, but we killed time by walking down to the Colorado Wine Company and had a glass of fabulous red (Boudreaux for my dad, zin for my mom, and a cab sav for me). We sat on some wine boxes which the manager kindly covered with cushions, and had a very nice, pre-dinner drink before we headed up the street to Casa.

We brought our own bottle of zin (corkage is only $2.50), and ordered two medium pizzas: one with eggplant, sausage, onion and easy cheese; the other with jalapenos, green peppers, tomatoes and onions.

The pizzas didn't disappoint. The crust was thin and crispy, all the way through. The eggplant, deep fried and full of flavor, was great company to the sausage and onions. And the easy-on-the-cheese was the way to go because of the heavier toppings.

The vegetarian pizza was very good as well. The fresh veggies balanced out the flavor of the salty cheese. And even though we got regular cheese on this one, it wasn't gloppy or overdone in the least.

I like Casa Bianca pies because they don't overdo the crust, cheese or toppings, and there's very little grease on the pizzas. The service was quick and friendly, even though it was absolutely packed (with 2+ hours worth of folks waiting outside), and the atmosphere is simple and focused on the food, not frills. I don't think it's authentically New York style (they don't claim to be), and they're not trying to be anything else or beat anyone else at the pizza game. Quite simply, they make a great pizza and, with the Colorado Wine Company and the Chalet close by, you can put your name in, go grab a drink, then come back just in time to be seated. So the wait factor is easily dealt with.

See pics here:

Clare K.

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  1. You ROCK for taking pictures! Thank you for the review.

    1. It looks delicious as always. It is not trying to be New York pizza or should it be compared to New York pizza. It is actually the closest version to Chicago-style thin crust pizza in LA. I'm partial to sausage and cheese if only to savor the authentic italian sausage w/fennell that is so foreign to most pizza's in LA.

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        Cosign to everything you wrote...not NY, closest thing to a Chicago thin crust in SoCal (Little Tony's in NoHo was close as well but it's been 10 years since I've been there), italian sausage is THE (and the only) topping needed for a great pizza...and most italian sausage in SoCal is flavorless...and heaven forbid you get the "rabbit pellets" that all too many places in SoCal call sausage.

        By the way, for REALLY great italian sausage (and adarn good pizza as well) bet yourself to Sabatino's in Newport Beach...not "pizza sausage" in its true form, but this is the best sausage I have ever had. If I'm in the area I stop to get some fresh to take home...pricey but worth it.

      2. Still LA's best pizza. Especially if it involves sausage/onion and eggplant/garlic.

        1. I have never tried the onion - always get half eggplant/garlic and sausage on the other half with random toppings. Thanks for the tip! I love Casa B (more so if I do not go too frequently). I will try the sausage/onion next time I go.