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Feb 26, 2007 01:52 PM

East Bay (Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville) - 50 Person Dinner - Any good spots?


So I am planning a dinner for around 50 people for a club I am in. All of my previous attempts have fallen through and the dinner is in 2 weeks. We want it to just be a regular dinner (not a banquet) where everyone orders of the menu and stuff, the problem is finding somewhere that seats 50 people. We are located in Berkeley and would happily do anything in the East Bay Area (Emeryville, Berkeley, Oakland...). Ive looked into Chevy's, Pyramid Brewery, CPK, Applebees and others. I would really like to find a place like Stonefire Grill in socal but dont know of any in this area. Any and all tips appreciated.


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  1. Speisekammer's private room can seat up to 60.

    See the bottom of this page:

    1. It's surprisingly hard to find places that take groups without a banquet/private room and/or a set minimum. One place I've had good luck with is Italian Colors in Montclair. Not fabulous food, but respectable Cal-Italian. I don't know if they can do 50, but it's worth a try.

      If I were going to have a dinner for 50, I'd call China Village ....

      1. 6 Degrees on Solano on the Berkeley/Albany border

        Zazoo's on the water near Jack London Square in Oakland (lots of parking too at Zazoo)

        What's the budget?

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          We are preferably looking to spend under $20 per person but want each person to be able to order of the menu.

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            Given some of the places you mentioned, maybe Macaroni Grill ... probably get thrown off Chowhound for saying that.

            Is parking important? A few places big enough that might do that ...

            Montero's on Solano (Think Chevy's but better


            T-Rex (BBQ ... not universally liked, but better than chains and they have some good cornbread ... this week ... they change the menu a lot)

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                I think with one big credit card and then everyone passes the cash my way.

          2. thanks for the help so far. I am going to look into all of those when I get home from school today. Anymore tips would be appreciated.


            1. Spenger's comes to mind because of another thread. The food isn't good, unless you order carefully, but it is better than the other places you mention. I attended a large birthday party there once and we could order off the menu. The atmosphere can be fun and there is parking. Not ideal, but it could work.