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Feb 26, 2007 01:24 PM

Elsie's Sandwiches

I was driving near JP yesterday and saw a sign for Elsie's Famous Sandwiches and am wondering whether they're the same folks who used to be in Harvard Square. I looked the name up in Bigbook and came up with a location at Logan Airport. Is there any connection and/or are these places any good? I have very fond memories of the roast beef sandwiches and would love to know that they've reappeared.

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  1. Where in JP was this? I haven't noticed or heard anything. I remember when Elsie's was also in Kenmore Sq. for a short time. Why I associate them with egg salad, I'm not sure.

    1. I've consulted my husband and we believe the location was technically Roxbury not too far from Eggleston Square. I just called the Logan Airport location and learned that they're no longer Elsie's. I couldn't get any info about the Roxbury location. I've revisited Bigbook and still no luck. I may need to try to re-trace my steps and report back.

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        I've driven by there and wondered myself Velda Mae -- it's definitely Rox, Eggleston Square, and seems like a subshop in a gas station, right? If you stop in, please do report back!

        1. re: yumyum

          oh, if *that's* the place, i'm almost certain that you actually do NOT want to stop in there! it's actually a huge magnet for area crime since it's open late (all night?). i could be thinking of a different sandwich stop in a gas station, but if it's the one at the corner of washington & columbus, i'd recommend avoiding!

          1. re: alyssap99

            That's the one. Thanks for the headsup.

      2. We had a great Elsie's Roastbeef sandwich at the All Star Sandwich Bar last week that really brought back memories...