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Feb 26, 2007 01:18 PM

St. Patty's day/Chocolate Buffet @ Langham

I am coming to Boston on St. Patty's day to visit the Flower Show and we will stop at the Chocolate Buffet at the Langham hotel in the afternoon. Has anyone been recently to the Chocolate Buffet and what to choose?

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

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  1. Went to this last year -- it's at Cafe Fleuri, Saturdays from noon to 3 PM except in the summer. It's very expensive ($30 for adults, $15 for kids 12 and under), and probably best appreciated by someone who can put away a truckload of sweets without getting sick or going into sugar shock (like a teenager). But it is deliciously indulgent and top quality; had as much as I could manage and didn't find anything I didn't like. I'd definitely get a made-to-order chocolate crepe if nothing else; they also have homemade ice cream, cakes, tortes, mousses, chocolate soup, candies, pudding, fondue, cookies, you name it. IIRC, the cakes, tortes, and mousses were especially enjoyable. I'm pretty sure a beverage (coffee, tea, etc.) comes with it. You'll find a menu here:

    1. I've been going once a year with a group of friends for quite a few years now; this year's trip will be 3/31, so I'm curious about the current menu myself. However, I can offer a couple of small tips for general strategies.

      First and foremost - yes, it's a huge buffet and you'll be tempted to go hungry in order to go whole hog at the spread. Don't do it! Have a small, protein-heavy meal for breakfast. An egg or two would be ideal.

      The crepes are good, but there's a lot of other things to choose from. I normally hit the crepe stand in my second pass after having a browse through the fancier patisserie. Overall, try to take tiny portions - if there's something so good you want more, you can always make another pass at the buffet!

      Chocolate fondue just doesn't do it for me so I'll probably be skipping that and the chocolate criossant bread pudding. I also tend to skip the more homey offerings such as brownies, blondies, chocolate chip cookies, and so on. The new mini donuts and bunuelos sound tempting, however - I'm looking forward to those.

      Take your time. It's a huge space and I've never seen it full during the chocolate buffet, so relax, take the time to savor your treats, enjoy the conversation, and drink plenty of water. Enjoy!

      1. Thanks very much to both of you for your suggestions. I am really looking forward to this visit to Boston.

        1. The chocolate buffet is tasty and filling. Bring your appetite!

          1. I know, I am thinking of taking my elderly mom there. She doesn't eat much but loves chocolate. I just wish I could pay the child's rate for her~~