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Feb 26, 2007 01:04 PM

Black Rice.

I'd like to cook up the black rice I have, but am not sure how. I've read that I need to soak it overnight, and I've also read various cooking times. Anyone have any solid advice?

Also, can I use it inplace of wildrice?


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  1. is it glutinous, chinese, or korean?

    if its korean black rice, you just add a small amount to your white rice and throw it into the rice doesn't need any special treatment

    don't know what to tell you if its another type of black rice

    1. Are you talking about the short grain rice that is used in Thailand for sweet puddings?

      1. For Chinese black rice, just like regular. It turns PURPLE so be careful because it stains. Really good flavor though

        Here's a little on Chow. IIRC, there's more about it there too.

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          I'm pretty sure it is Chinese. Thanks a bunch.

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            Yes, Forbidden Rice, it pretty much bleeds on anything it's added to, so it's best used alone...


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              Had some stuff to do and I didn't look closely at the Chow link.

              Interesting, suggestion to make a rice salad using edamame and toasted white sesame seeds.

              With that color it would make a stunning base for colorful veggies. The black rice link goes to recipes that has a salad with red and yellow peppers, scallions and sweet potatoes.

              There's few other recipes for really cool sounding stuff like congee using black rice and

              Bavaroise of Mango with black rice from a recipe by The French Laundry

              Forbidden Rice with butter, onion, garlic, lime zest, chicken stock & hot sauce

              Forbidden Rice Salad - another version with Thai basil & hot chili peppers

              Salmon with Black rice with sesame oil, wasabi, jasimine tea,mango & more

              Gary Danko's Three-Grain Pilaf (Red Rice, Kalijira and Forbidden Rice) ... which looks very pretty. I tried something similar using mixed rices, but as Dommy says and the recipe states ... cook the black rice separately or what you get is purple rice ... purple rice.

              Just in case you have the sticky Thai type, here's a Chow recipe for a savory sticky rice snack with peanuts, coconut, sugar & salt.

          2. The dark grained, purple plant Thai rice is just like other thai rices. beautiful in the field, however. We used them as border strips in field test plots.

            1. Just like other Thai sticky rices, that is. Not at all like Thai jasmine rice. I love the image of the purple-bordered test fields!