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Feb 26, 2007 01:02 PM

Lure Fishbar

Anyone been lately? Would appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

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  1. The linginini with white clam sauce is good, so are the calamari.

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    1. re: pacz

      I remember someone mentioning that they had a great burger.

    2. ate there a few weeks ago. all the food was very good. it's a bit of a scene and very noisy, but all six people at our table really enjoyed their meals.

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      1. re: Bill L

        It's cute. Raw bar was good. It's very soho.

      2. amazing sushi bar in the rear of the joint. it is a bit loud during peak hours but thats the nature with downtown spots. and btw, the burger is the secret weapon.

        1. One of the best atmospheres in town, IMO. Great drinks, awesome wine list, stone crab, oysters, the list goes on!

          1. Between my party of 5, we had just about every fish on the menu and all of them were fantastic.