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Feb 26, 2007 12:52 PM

Gourmet unpopped popcorn?

Once at Surfas, I got some great unpopped popcorn from Fireworks popcorn. They don't seem to carry it anymore, and I haven't seen anywhere else in town that has anything beyond Orville Redenbacher, which is often stale. I've already put in an Internet order to Fireworks, but has anyone seen any specialty varieties of popcorn around L.A.
NOT looking for already-popped corn, I'll do it myself, thanks!

[Although Chowpatty is asking about sources specific to L.A., we're moving this to the General Chowhounding Topics board because the responses really aren't L.A.-centric and the information shared here is of interest to popcoen-lovers everywhere -- THE CHOWHOUND TEAM)

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  1. Chowpatty, I saw some purple gourmet popcorn kernals at Bristol Farms but I didn't really look at it... you might want to look there.

    I found a webpage you might be interested in, it's a taste test of 19 different gourmet popcorn kernals. He ultimately recommends the Savannah Gold, one of the dozen Fireworks brand popcorn kernals tested. Who knew there were so many different kinds?

    1. Wow, glad someone was so scientific about it! I hope some Savannah Gold comes in the assortment I ordered.
      I'll check Bristol Farms, too.

      1. Funny you mention popcorn....

        I ordered some corn online from (pretty much summed what I felt like at the time) and got a few varieties of Amish Country just a couple months ago. These are 2 of the corns in the wayne's test page in the link from chowmominLA above. I paid as much for shipping as I did for the corn and frankly it was a bit of a bust. My wife warned me not to buy anything where shipping costs more than the product (and she likes Orville's just fine...) as I was ordering so that makes it far worse...

        I received three varieties (picked by me, so I have myself to blame), two of which were "baby" kernel and thus upon eagerly opening the box and popping in a pot on the stove (of course) I got a pile of small resulting popped product. Disappointingly and annoyingly small, nothing like the "tender" descriptor in the blurb on the page. Now I know, I'm not a fan of this type, even though they made it sound so delightful in the description. I should've known that the "normal sized" varieties were all sold out for a reason...

        I believe I tried to get "hull-less", though I'm astounded by the left over bits that sure seem like hulls to me as I struggle to remove them.

        The one decent corn was a medium yellow from Amish Country, and I do find it better than most store bought, perhaps because it's fresher. So in the end I paid ~$20 for 2 pounds of decent popcorn. Not a good return financially speaking. Though probably better than buying pinkberry....

        Let us know how the assortment from Fireworks turns out - sounds promising and looks great in Wayne's test.

        If you say it's good, I'm gonna git me some and redeem myself in the eyes of the online popcorn naysayer I married. And this is important.

        1. I haven't seen any gourmet corn in any area stores, but have received as gifts popcorn from Crown Jewel, So far all of it has been delicious. I received an assortment pack, which was nice to be able to try different kinds

          1. Chowpatty,

            Not sure why this is an issue for you. Order the popcorn directly from Fireworks. Go to

            Just got finished ordering some more Savannah Gold from them... my personal favorite.